New Year's Eve Party Set-up
Credit: Stanton Stephens/Getty Images

Some say the way you spend New Year's is the way you'll spend the rest of the year. With these New Years Eve party themes, you're guaranteed to have a memorable year ahead.

A black-and-white ball

Truman Capote's infamous Black and White Ball in 1966 was widely proclaimed as the party of the century. Host your own high-contrast soiree by making a dress code of only black and white. Copy Capote and invite everyone to wear masks, only to be removed at midnight. Go all out with opulent decor, like golden candelabras and fancy stemware.

A bonfire with your besties

Leave your LBD home, and to spend the last night of the year sitting under the stars with close friends. Stick to casual clothes – sweat pants welcome – and reminisce over beer or spiked cider and share hopes for the year to come.

A decade party

Pay tribute to the new years of the past by hosting a throwback costume party with the fashion, music, and drinks of eras gone by. You can either invite everyone to dress up like a certain decade – e.g. 70s disco -- or have guests dress up as their favorite decade, as long as it's not the current one.

Chinese New Year-themed party

Sure, the Chinese New Year doesn't officially start until February, but there's no reason you can't start early. Cook up delicious Chinese-inspired dishes -- like this chicken with cashews recipe that has stood the test of time, or this garlicky beef with green beans -- and decorate with festive red lanterns and paper dragons.

Midnight brunch

Champagne and brunch might be the perfect pairing (at least we think so). So when the clock strikes twelve, pop bottles bubbly alongside a buffet of killer brunch dishes, like this sausage-and-grits quiche (bonus: you can make this one ahead of time), and decadent one-dish blackberry French toast. Our tip: Make more than you need. You'll be grateful to have breakfast already made when you wake up on New Year's Day.


Masquerade parties never go out of style. You can either provide masks or ask guests to create their own (depending on how creative your crew is). Make sure you have space for a dance floor (and a good playlist) and a dramatic color scheme -- black, gold, and red is classic. Go heavy on the glitter to make it feel over-the-top glam.

Best of 2017 celebration

At this dress-up party, guests have to get creative to represent/dress up as their favorite cultural moments of the year. This last year sure has no shortage of good moments to portray.

Studio 54 Party

Forgo the crowded and overpriced clubs on NYE and host a night inspired by the most infamous club in history in the comfort of your home. Donne your go-go boots and pile on the blue eye shadow; then dance the night away to the 70s hits until dawn.