The Barefoot Contessa shared her favorite New Year’s Eve meal with Katie Couric.

Leave it to Ina Garten to come up with a decadent and delicious New Year's Eve dinner that's simple enough for even us mere mortals.

In a recent interview with Katie Couric (below), the queen of comfort food shared the classic New Year's Eve meal that she's been making for years: lemon capellini with caviar.

Though this year she's hunkered down at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Garten explained that she and her husband Jeffrey usually spend the holidays with friends in Paris.

"Jeffrey and I usually have friends and go to some great bar in Paris with a piano, and we have cocktails—you know, it's New Year's Eve!" she tells Couric.

Eventually the celebrations bring them back to Garten's apartment with limited time to cook dinner before midnight.

That's why for New Year's Eve, she always makes something that comes together quickly yet still feels fancy.

"I have to make dinner in like three minutes," Garten laughed. "Because you know, it's like 11:30pm and everyone expects dinner at that point."

Garten's Lemon Capellini with Caviar is available online and in her first cookbook, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.

Ina Garten
Credit: Manny Carabel/Getty Images

The Food Network star explains how she starts by making the sauce "which is like 60 pounds of butter" and lemon juice. For Garten, the recipe's biggest selling point is the capellini, which, according to her, takes only three minutes to cook.

Then, simply toss it around and serve it with a big dollop of caviar on it. And voila! A lavish meal worthy of the holiday.

"It's New Year's Eve so you can splurge on it!" Garten adds.

And it's been quite a year…