It's the Mother's Day gift that even hard-to-shop-for moms will love.
zags sunwraps
Credit: Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer for ZAGS

My mom is not a “stuff” person. When she cleans out her closet, the giveaway pile is always bigger than the keep, and she’d rather collect experiences than things (save for Easter decorations … that woman loves a bunny bowl). It’s an admirable quality—and one I wish I’d inherited in a slightly stronger dose—but it makes shopping for her particularly difficult. Last year, though, I hit the gift-giving jackpot when I shared a ZAGS UPF 50+ Be Anything Blanket with her for our family vacation. Ever since, it’s been the gift that keeps on giving—and one I won’t soon top. Here's how to make your impossible-to-shop-for mama's Mother's Day.

So here’s the skinny: ZAGS is a collection of clothing and accessories with built-in UPF 50+ protection. Every piece is made from a quick-drying, stain- and odor-resistant microfiber that’s super breathable, so you can bundle up on the beach or in the boat without breaking a sweat. And the feel-good bonus? They’re designed and produced in Charleston, South Carolina, by artist and mother of three Jennifer Horton, so you’re supporting a small, Southern, mom-owned business with every purchase—a win-win-win if we’ve ever heard of one.

The wraps come in a variety of sizes, from kid-sized “Surf Squares” to my mom’s 40”x80” “Be Anything Blanket,” which truly lives up to its name, as you can tie it on like a sarong, wear it like a shawl, or just drape it over your legs for extra sun protection. They roll or fold up to just about nothing, so they’re easy to stash in your beach bag/purse/carry-on/etc. My personal favorite is the “Party Poncho,” as I can throw it on over my suit and still have plenty of unrestricted movement, ideal for playing paddleball or Bocce on the sand.

Of course, ZAGS aren’t just for the beach. The clothing options are designed to go “from the pool to Publix” and include everything from breezy dresses to loose-fitting sun shirts, which are as appropriate for boat trips as they are for backyard gardening and neighborhood bike rides.

So whether your mama is a sandy-toed beach bum, avid golfer, or all-around sun seeker, ZAGS is the practical, pretty gift you’ll feel good about giving her this Mother’s Day.

Since that first beach trip, my sisters, too, have become ZAGS-obsessed, trying to sneak away with her sun-protective blanket at every turn. Well, good luck with that, you two. Our mom is usually all kinds of generous, but her ZAGS? That’s one thing she just won’t give up.

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