Four writers share the recipes that remind them of home.


Some things you never outgrow, like your mama's chicken casserole or her famous five-ingredient cake. Memories can come flooding back with a smell or even a feeling. It's an even stronger memory when it's connected to the woman who raised you. Whether she saved the recipe for special occasions or made it once a week, it will always remind you of Mama. And of course, it only tastes that good when she makes it.

With Mother's Day nearing, we asked four writers to pay tribute to the women in their families that the recipes they cherish most.

Chicken Casserole.

Elizabeth Passarella is a food writer originally from Memphis, Tennessee, who currently lives in New York City. While her mother wasn't the "chef" in the family, she did make a mean casserole that will always remind Elizabeth of mom. Read her Mother's Day story here.

Broccoli Cornbread.

Emily Wallace is a writer and illustration who LOVES pimento cheese. She shares her memories of being raised by a strong single mom and the recipe that only she can make. Read her Mother's Day story here.

Coconut Jo Cake

Jennifer Justus is a writer with Southern food running deep in her roots. One scent of her mom's Coconut Jo Cake can send her down memory lane. Read her Mother's Day story here.

Cubed Steak With Milk Gravy

Sheri Castle does everything when it comes to food, from writing to recipe development. Growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina has made home cooking part of her. She shares the memories and importance of a good gravy that her grandmother instilled in her. Read her Mother's Day story here.

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This Mother's Day, we ask you to join us in celebrating the women in your families by making a recipe that reminds you of your childhood. No matter where you are, these recipes will taste like home.