This year, give Mom what she really wants.


Our Southern Mamas do so much for us around the clock that we should take every chance we can to spoil her with yummy baked goods. Forget paper cards – why not send her a message with cookies? Show Mom you love her this Mother's Day with an edible sugar cookie 'card'. This sweet sugar cookie recipe has just five ingredients, many of which can already be found in your pantry. They're the perfect ratio of crunchy and chewy (trust us – it's one of our top-rated sugar cookie recipes!). Then, the cookies are coated in a simple powdered sugar glaze and 'painted' with bright, neon food coloring. Mom Cookies are delicious, festive, and everything that Mom didn't know she wanted. For this food craft, you'll want to round up some alphabetical cookie cutters. These are great to have on hand year-round for different holidays (why not serve Santa up a plate of Ho Ho Ho cookies, while you're at it?).

Let the cookies cool completely before dipping into the powdered sugar glaze, or the glaze will melt off of them. Once glazed, let your cookies chill for a few minutes so that they have a chance to harden. Once the glaze has developed a film thick enough to paint on, use a small paintbrush (or toothpick!) to draw on your favorite designs. Polka dots are an easy pattern to add, as add horizontal stripes. Once you've finished your masterpiece, serve up your Mom Cookies with a glass of cold milk and a bouquet of flowers to make it extra special. Kids will love getting involved this edible art project, and the possibilities are endless for the message and the designs. So, we encourage you to think outside the envelope this Mother's Day, and give Mom this sweet treat that's she's sure to love.