She says there aren't any good ones. And she's about to remedy that.

church organist
She thinks we need more songs that reflect a mother's special call to service. And she's writing them.
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Mama recently called Baby Girl, all in a dither, bordering on a hissy fit. "Do you realize there are hardly any good Mother's Day songs in our hymnal?" she complained. "Once you get past 'God Give Us Christian Homes' and 'Family of God,' you're pretty tapped out. Mamas have important work to do! We carry a heavy load in bringing those kids up in the way that they should go. We humbly and gladly serve day after day—why doesn't our very own hymnal celebrate that?"

Mama had a sudden inspiration: "Do you think I should maybe try and get in touch with Bill and Gloria Gaither before Mother's Day? I feel sure they could come up with a few good numbers before we break out the corsages."

As is her practice in such situations, Mama didn't wait around for answers. No. She took pen in hand and set about writing suitable Mother's Day songs for church. At first, she struggled for original ideas and relied, instead, on slight modifications to existing songs of the faith. Later, as she fell into a creative rhythm, she invented some totally new Mother's Day songs which, she feels certain, will be welcomed into the next printing of the church hymnal. By the time she was done, she was waxing poetic, writing verse after verse of Mother's Day songs for church. Witness her evolution as a composer:

Mama-Modified Titles

I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord (And After Teaching Vacation Bible School, I'm Hoping For a Field Promotion)
When We All Get To Heaven (There Will Be No More Soccer Practice)
Nobody Knows the Trouble Mama's Seen You Get Into
Faith of Our (Loving, Caring, Precious, Exhausted) Mothers
My Anchor Holds (Though My Boat's a Tad on the Leaky Side)

Brand-New Songs From Mama

Don't You Give Me That Look
Don't You Roll Those Eyes At Me
Sit Still, Be Quiet, and Stop Kicking the Pew In Front of You
I Don't Care for Your Tone, Little Missy
Don't Let Me Have to Tell You Again
If You Think I Won't Come Down Out Of This Choir, You've Got Another Think Coming
Don't Make Me Come In There, Out There, or Down There
When Mama Doesn't Know What You're Up To, the Good Lord Surely Does

Mama Experiments with Verse

Sisters, We Have Met To Organize

(to the tune of "Brethren We Have Met to Worship")

Sisters, we have met to organize;
Grab your Pyrex, fall right in.
For this table, we need casseroles
Broccoli, green bean, and chick-en.

God Be With You Till Your Kids Are Grown

(to the tune of "God Be With You Till We Meet Again")

God be with you till your kids are grown,
Through their tweens and teens and drama;
Makes you want to call YOUR Mama;
God be with you till your kids are grown.

Oh, They Tell Me Of a Phone

Oh, they tell me of a phone far beyond "Verize"
Oh, they tell me of a plan that is free
Where my teens can text and 'gram till their thumbs fall off
Without charging all their nonsense to me.

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