We Can't Believe We're Saying This, But You Should Give Mom Carnations for Mother's Day

We know, we know.

Mother's Day Red Carnations
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Once we discovered red carnations are the official flower of Mother's Day we started to give these humble buds a closer look. We soon realized there are a few striking similarities between our Southern matriarchs and the grocery store flower that sometimes get a bad rap. Here are just a few of the not-so-subtle similarities between the two—what did we miss?

Southern mamas are not to be underestimated.

If you think carnations are just a cheesy filler, let mama at 'em and you'll soon find out they can hold their own in the most elegant of holiday centerpieces. Mom and carnations are both a jack-of-all-trades. Put them in any situation and they'll come out shining.

Southern mamas are resourceful.

They've never been faced with a challenge they can't meet—in heels, with a full face of makeup, and perfectly coiffed hair at that. Tell a carnation she can't hold her own in an elegant centerpiece, she'll prove you wrong. Tell mama something is impossible and, bless your heart, she'll prove you wrong while blindfolded and standing on one foot (just for shock value).

Southern mamas are resilient.

She's the strength of her family and proves every day that it's going to take gale-force winds to shake her. Similarly, long after every other bloom in the bouquet has wilted and faded, carnations are still standing tall.

Southern mamas don't need your approval, thank you very much.

A little affirmation is always nice, but if you don't agree with mom, she probably won't loose too much sleep over it. She's grounded in her beliefs and has the life experience and bible verses to back it up. And, while those carnations may get some bad press from time to time, don't think they're going anywhere but into more of those pre-arranged bouquets. Why? Because they're a classic and, even if we sometimes take them for granted, everything seems a little less vibrant when they're not around.

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