This keepsake will have you skipping the card aisle.

Clothesline Mother's Day Card
Credit: Laurey Glenn

If those calligraphy skills are still a work in progress, play it safe with this DIY Mother's Day card that is perfectly stated with only three simple letters.

1. Start with three small metal rim tags. Using a fine, felt-tip pen or marker, spell "MOM" by putting one letter on each tag.

2. Cut a piece of string long enough to fit across the card. Using a miniature clothespin, clip together the string and the first "M" lettered tag. Add a metal eyelit tag on the string before and after the lettered tag, knotting the string around the hole at the top of the eyelit tags as you go. Repeat this process with "O" and the second "M" tags.

3. Position the tags so the string is slack enough to make a wavy pattern across the card. Put a tiny bit of glue on the back of each round metal tag and eyelit tag, and paste to the front of the card. There's no need to glue the ends of the string to the paper since the string is securely fastened to the tags.

4. Inside the card, write your favorite poem that reminds you of your mom, the best advice she ever gave you, or a sweet and simple message wishing her the very best Mother's Day. We think this card makes the perfect accompaniment to breakfast in bed. Set the card up on a tray along with one of our delicious Mother's Day Breakfast recipes and a steaming mug of coffee to get her special day off to the right start.

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