This Easy-to-Make Arrangement is the Mother's Day Gift That Keeps on Growing

Something special for your favorite lady.

Mother's Day might feel a little different this year thanks to social distancing. Whether you're able to celebrate together or have to spend the holiday apart, this easy-to-make arrangement is sure to brighten her day. This living centerpiece can be prepared at home the day before, and then drop off this fresh gift by her door on Mother's Day. After a few weeks, she can replant the arrangement in her own garden and use the bowl for other displays around the house.

Wooden Bowl Container Garden with white scaevolas, blue plumbagos, ‘Lucita’ echeverias, and flapjack plants
Container Design by Mark Thompson; Photo: Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Pick Versatile Containers

Choose washable wooden bread bowls that Mom can reuse for dinner parties or decor. Line the insides with plastic or waterproof foil. Then add potting soil, flowers, and foliage.

Mix Pretty and Practical Plants

Fill the bowl with white scaevolas, blue plumbagos, ‘Lucita’ echeverias, and flapjack plants.

Make Them Last

Leave the plants in bowls no longer than two weeks. Indoors, give them bright light and water sparingly. To prevent overwatering, we use a turkey baster to target the roots directly.

Post-Party Planting

After the celebration, deconstruct the arrangements and replant outdoors for long-lasting summer blooms and foliage. These plants work well to accent garden beds. Scaevolas spread as ground covers, plumbagos grow into blooming shrubs, and the sculptural succulents thrive in full sun. Water regularly.

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