The apple truly never falls far from the tree. If I couldn't guess my fate after living in the same sorority house my mother did in the 80's, it's now been confirmed: I'm turning into my mother (and adopting every trait that comes with that).

Traits I Inherited From My Mother (Whether I Like It Or Not)

Her ability to get a point across—without saying a word.

If you've ever been given "the look" by your mother or grandmother, this needs no explaining. If you haven't, you're sure to find out the next time you're fiddling too much in church. But these days, I can throw "the look" as well as I can take it. What can I say? I've learned from the pros.­­­

Her tell-it-like-it-is attitude.

I once had a decent sized collection of wine corks sitting in a vase on my bar cart. While I was proud of my Pinterest project (and the many bottles of chardonnay it took to get there), my mother was prompt to let me know that my display was "a little too ‘college,'" and in the trash it went. That's called tough love, y'all.

Her knack for finding a good bargain.

Some of my favorite memories will always be ransacking HomeGoods with my mom to furnish my first apartment. There's nothing quite like a mother and daughter's bond over discovering the perfect vintage armchair to pull a project together.

Her forgiving heart.

Well, I at least hope to inherit this one someday. I cannot even count the times my mother has told me, "Don't burn bridges, because you never know who you'll bump into in the future!" I can only imagine the people from my past I'm sure to have a run-in with during carpool years from now.

Her appreciation for the little things in life.

When I think of my mom, I'll always think of sipping chardonnay on our front porch as the sun sets, talking about our day, and gazing on our yard full of flowers we'd planted several Sundays back. She's always taught me how to slow down and soak life in with any chance I get.

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Her inner Mama-bear.

My mother is the sweetest, most forgiving person you'll ever meet. She can handle any battle with grace and lets any unwelcome comment roll off with poise. But if you mess with her family, let's just say that it'll be the last time that you do.

Her ability to laugh at herself.

For someone so committed to taking her job as a mother seriously, there's no one who can light up a room quite like my mom does. We often give her grief about her typical "Mom stories" (our equivalent to ‘Dad jokes'), but no matter how cheesy, she always has us laughing with tears in our eyes because they are just so her.