Hint: You won't find it in the baby department.
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This Is the Under $50 Gift Every New Mom Will Appreciate
Credit: Nordstrom.com

Mamas both new and well-adapted deserve a little spoiling now and then, but we need not an occasion to extend a kind gesture (although Mothers Day certainly does provide ample opportunity!). A little ‘happy'—as my family affectionately refers to a small I-was-just-thinking-of-you gift—is always a guaranteed way to brighten someone's day. After all, you never know when a loved one could use a pick-me-up the most.

You don't have to experience childbirth firsthand to know that newly blessed mamas are likely spending their pennies (and many sleepless nights) on their new bundle of joy—leaving little room for splurging in the self-care department. For the woman who does it all—and is already up to her ears in onesies and monogrammed bibs—we have the perfect gift that's tailored toward the ever elusive ‘me time' all new moms crave.

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While any gift from the beauty department is sure to be appreciated, the reality of a new mama being able to spare an hour to paint—and dry—her nails in the perfect new spring polish is rather grim when interrupted by life's greatest treasure needing another diaper change. For mamas-on-the-go who are made up of about 90% dry shampoo, this ultra-nourishing skin care set by Bobbi Brown is the guilt-free gift that will leave her feeling refreshed, pampered, and ready to take on the day. Including a hydrating eye cream, hydrating face cream, and a soothing cleansing oil, all Mama needs is 5 heavenly minutes to remove impurities and give her skin a hydrating boost before bed or before beginning her day. Bonus: This set is exclusively crafted for travel—because these days, baby bags are the new Birkins. Ringing in at just $28 for the set, it's easy to treat a well-deserving mama to a luxury item without breaking your own bank in the process. (But if you treat yourself to one as well, your secret is safe with us.)