Can we get her a show too?

Ree Drummond Mama

A few weeks ago, when the Pioneer Woman posted this gem of a throwback to Instagram, we instantly knew where Ree Drummond gets all her natural charm. In the caption, Drummond wrote, "Open message to my mom: Can I borrow this outfit?! Surely you still have it. It was only 40-ish years ago!"

The thing is—that ensemble really would be pretty cute today—the classics never go out! Plus, just look at that blue-and-white china on a table (is that a Greek key pattern we see?) in the back. Effortless.

This was one of the several portraits Ree has painted for her readers of her mom, after posting the sweetest round-up a few years ago on her mother's birthday. She walked us through the ABC's of Gerre Schwert, her "awesome, beautiful, curious" mother. She writes that Schwert is jocular, kind, and zesty. That she "Never gossips. Never judges." And she "Sees the good in everyone."

Not only do her daughters (Alex and Paige) look like their grandmother in this image, but suddenly we see where so much of the family's lovable, warm, and gentle characteristics come from. Plus, it sounds like Schwert is a cook herself. In 2013, Ree shared a story about her mom just casually whipping up some show-stopping banana-walnut-oatmeal-y muffins that she simply calls "My Mom's Muffins." (Get the recipe here.) Drummond writes: "My mom makes muffins by grabbing ingredients, throwing them into a bowl, and mixing/tweaking until she thinks they're right." This special mom-only-knows kind of recipe sounds quite familiar.

Here's hoping Drummond shares some more throwback photos in addition to snapshots of life on the ranch—just imagine all the materials her own daughters will have to work with one day thanks to the Instagram era.