Made with love by her favorite little chick

Mother's Day Chick Card
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

There's nothing like a homemade Mother's Day card to show mom how much you care. This adorable idea will make her day—and it couldn't be easier to pull together. Even if you have a history of crafting-fails, you should be able to create this card with ease.

This is what you'll need:

Yellow pom poms (assorted sizes)
Fine-edge felt-tipped pen
Patterned paper or card

Here's how to do it:

Before you begin gluing, you'll want to write your Mother's Day sentiment within the card or on the reverse side. It will be near impossible to try your hand at penning a sweet note for Mom once the pom poms are attached. If you need inspiration, check out our best Mother's Day quotes.

Start by gluing a large pom pom on the right side of your card. This will be the body of your big chick. Next, glue a medium-sized pom pom on top of the large pom pom. This will be the head. Glue a few small pom poms at varying heights behind the large chick, as shown in the picture above.

Draw a beak and two legs on the large chick. To create the beak on the smaller chicks, simply use your pen to make a tiny triangle above each yellow pom pom. Draw two small feet on each of the little chicks as well and, voila! You've created the most adorable card Mom has ever seen.

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By Patricia Shannon and Buffy Hargett Miller