Quentin's Natural King Cake Ice Cream
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The South's beloved Blue Bell Creamery has been marking Mardi Gras with a limited run of King Cake ice cream for a few years now and die-hard fans know to grab it while they can. The creamy cinnamon cake flavored ice cream is filled with pastry pieces, cream cheese swirls, and colorful candy sprinkles. It is only available for a limited time and if you missed it, well, you were out of luck until next year. That's all changed now, though, because a New Orleans ice cream shop is making their own version of King Cake ice cream and it comes with a little surprise—a baby inside!

Quintin's Natural ice cream makes all sorts of delightfully Southern flavors including Brandy Milk Punch, Roasted Strawberry Creole, Tricentennial Spiced Rum, and Café au Lait, a delicious dessert twist on the New Orleans tradition. They also offer seasonal flavors like Candied Sweet Potato Ice Cream and, come Mardi Gras, their version of a King Cake Ice Cream to his rotating flavors.

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This isn't a one-time-whim for Quinlivan, either. "I've been making king cake ice cream for years," he told last year. "Every king cake season, I'm always playing around and trying to figure out how to make the ice cream." This year, he may have stumbled on the winning combination with cinnamon-caramel ice cream and homemade toasted brioche loaves stirred into the creamy mixture. If you buy a pint of the ice cream (they sell at Whole Foods and local New Orleans shops like Robert's and Dorignac's) you may just find a baby inside—made of royal icing and decorated with food coloring as a funny surprise. And if you happen to read the ingredients list on the package you'll see "King Cake baby" listed right there under cream, milk, sugar, and, of course, King Cake.

If you're lucky enough to be in New Orleans before Mardi Gras, be sure to stop by Quintin's Natural Scoop Shop inside Simone's Market on Oak Street. If you miss it, well, there's always next year.