Celebrate Mardi Gras at home. These mail order king cake sources will ship straight to your door.
King cake
King cake
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If you don't feel like baking your own king cake, these sweet pastry rings can be shipped nationwide from Louisiana bakeries. Made with tender brioche dough, the cakes typically contain different fillings like cream cheese, fruit, chocolate, or cinnamon and are topped with icing and sprinkles or sugar in the traditional colors of purple (justice), green (faith), and gold (power). While all of the cakes contain a tiny plastic baby (if you find it in your slice, you're lucky—and buying the cake next year), many cakes are shipped with frosting and decorations packaged separately so you can dress them up yourself. Read on for a few of our favorite mail-order sources for king cakes:

New Orleans bakery Sucré makes king cakes that are downright glamorous. The not-too-sweet cake is made with cinnamon-spiced brioche dough and topped with a thin glaze, and iridescent edible glitter in muted shades of gold, purple, and green.
$22 (8-10 servings), shopsucre.com

Poupart Bakery
This French bakery based in Lafayette, LA is known for its traditional French king cake, a round, flaky pastry with almond filling, similar to an almond croissant. The bakery also makes the more iconic Mardi Gras-style king cake with brioche dough that's topped with white icing and colored sugar in purple, gold, and green.
Mardi Gras King Cake, $59 (10 servings), poupartsbakery.com
Traditional French King Cake, $59 (10 servings), poupartsbakery.com

Manny Randazzo King Cakes
The Randazzo family been baking king cakes for several generations, and Manny Randazzo has been crowned the "King Cake King" by the Times-Picayune. Randazzo ships two types of king cakes from his bakery in Metairie, LA, all topped with icing and colored sugar: a cream cheese-filled cake, and a traditional cinnamon-infused version, which comes in regular and large sizes.
Cream Cheese King Cake (20-24 servings), $58.95, randazzokingcake.com
Traditional Medium King Cake (20-24 servings), $53.95, randazzokingcake.com

Traditional Super King Cake (40-48 servings), $85.95, randazzokingcake.com

Haydel's Bakery
This third-generation New Orleans bakery makes and ships king cakes year-round, not just during Mardi Gras season. Which explains why they make them in orange and black for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, and in the shape of a heart for Valentine's Day. But if you're looking for something more traditional, they do that too. Their King Cake Care Packages include beads, a bit of king cake history, coffee, and other Mardi Gras treats.
King of Carnival King Cake Package (30-35 servings), $58, haydelbakery.com
Mini King Cakes (six 7-inch cakes), $58, haydelbakery.com

If you have the time, making your own king cake is always another option.