Hanukkah Gifts Big And Small For All 8 Nights

So many nights of gift-giving calls for some variety.

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Jewish Holiday Hanukkah holiday with menorah burning candles.
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Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, takes place over the course of eight days. For many Southern Jewish families, this means eight nights of celebrating, lighting the candles, and eating yummy cultural foods like latkes and challah. It also often means eight nights of presents. This is a major bragging point for Jewish children and we take our claim to an over-a-week-long holiday very seriously; However, this also means that the heads of Jewish households are tasked with the hefty job of making each of these eight nights special.

Finding ways to make those holiday presents last all eight nights can be a true art form. To make this long holiday doable, both for busy schedules and stretched wallets, many Jewish families opt for an assortment of smaller, more casual and modest gifts, perhaps with a few larger, more expensive gifts thrown in there. We've gathered our picks of delightful and festive gifts to cover each and every night of Hanukkah, starting with eight nights worth of smaller gifts under $50. Happy shopping and Chag Sameach!


Unisex Matching Print Pajama Set for Toddler & Baby
Old Navy

Anyone who thinks that holiday pajamas are reserved for Christmas festivities are sorely mistaken. This festive unisex set is cute as a button for the kids in your life, plus matching sets for Mom and Dad are picture perfect.

A Jewish Cookbook

The Essential Jewish Cookbook: 100 Easy Recipes for the Modern Jewish Kitchen

For so many Jews, food is a love language. Never underestimate how much Jewish people will appreciate the gift of a home-cooked meal, especially one that's steeped with the comfort of nostalgic flavors just like our Yiddish grandmothers used to make.

A Latkes and Lights Candle

Latkes and Lights Candle

It's customary during the Festival of Lights to ignite candles on the menorah, but we propose adding an additional candle lighting to the holiday cue. With notes of baked apple, butter, and potato, burning this candle will bring forward memories of Hanukkah celebrations past—making it the perfect gift for those who will be spending the holiday away from their childhood homes.

Hanukkah Socks

Novelty Holiday Christmas Hanukkah Socks

Fun, cozy socks have always been an underrated gift, especially during colder months like December. Choose a pair with a tongue-in-cheek saying or festive color palette to suit the occasion. This gift is best given with a side of hot cocoa.

An Oy Vey Mug

Oy Vey Coffee Mug

Has there ever been a more perfect mug for Jewish mothers? Unwrapping this cheeky gift guarantees light-hearted laughs and many mornings she'll spend sipping from this adorable catchphrase coffee cup.

The 100 Most Jewish Foods Puzzle

The 100 Most Jewish Foods: 500-Piece Circular Puzzle
Barnes & Noble

This gift doubles as an activity for the whole crew. Has your family tried each of the 500-piece puzzle's featured Jewish foods?

Seinfeld's Chocolate Babka

Chocolate babka
Martine's Fine Bake Shoppe

Remember the classic episode when Jerry and Elaine went through the ordeal of purchasing this classic Jewish baked good? You can actually order the same famous babka from the very same bakery to your home. This gift is both a delicious, cultural treat and a nostalgic pop culture pleasure.

A "Mensch" Boat and Tote®

Boat and Tote®, Open-Top
L.L. Bean

Get your loved one a trendy accessory while paying them a classically Jewish complement. Being a mensch means being honorable, and having the phrase embroidered on a brand new L.L. Bean bag will also make the recipient of this gift stylish to boot.

A Storyworth Subscription

Storyworth hardcover

Signing your loved one up for this email-based service guides them along the process of writing their own memoir, one short story at a time. Then, by next year, you'll be able to gift the whole family a neat hardcover collection of the stories of their life. It's the perfect gift for grandparents who love starting spiels with "when I was young..."

A Star of David Necklace

Star of David Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Kendra Scott

Owning one of these necklaces emblazoned with the Jewish star symbol is a rite of passage and point of pride for many Jewish adolescents. This one from Kendra Scott comes in sterling silver with blue sapphire or 18k gold vermeil with white sapphire.

A Hamsa Necklace

Hamsa Necklace
Alex And Ani

Like the Star of David, a Hamsa is a common symbol for Jews to adorn. This anatomically incorrect hand-shaped insignia is worn for protection by both Jewish and Muslim people. Plus, they're often embellished as pretty charms.

A Set of Wine Glasses

Riedel Wine Glasses Gift Pack

Drinking wine (after saying the Kiddush, of course) is a common ritual during Jewish affairs. Elegant stemware like this Riedel value gift set of 12 glasses total for both red and white wine will elevate the ceremony.

A Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

For whatever reason, Jewish dads love to read about World War 2. An e-reader like the Kindle will make this slightly questionable hobby much more convenient and easier on the eyes thanks to adjustable text sizes and screen lighting.

A Coffee Sampler

Bean Box

For loved ones who can't go a day without coffee, or perhaps to accompany your "oy vey" mug, a subscription or gift from a coffee service will be highly appreciated. This way, the coffee-lover in your life can get a taste of several different blends without committing to buying just one. Bean Box's US Road Trip Coffee Tour includes 16 total bags of beans from every region in the country, including four from the South.

A New Menorah

Antique Brass Textured Menorah

Whether you're looking to replace a weathered candelabra or simply add one to your family's heirloom collection, a new menorah will always be a valued gift for Hanukkah. Choose a sentimental or beautiful one like this textured brass menorah from Arhaus to light up the holiday on display by the window.

Blue and White China

Spode Blue Room Georgian Plates

As if we ever need an excuse to get blue and white dishes, it's all the more festive during Hanukkah. This set of six Spode plates is one of our favorite blue and white patterns, but it's hard to go wrong with this classic color combination.

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