Witch Cupcakes

It's Halloween, and the only thing scarier than the ghouls and goblins running around is the moment when your kids run out of candy - or when you realize you've only trick-or-treated at half the houses in the neighborhood, and you're already exhausted. Have some cute witch cupcakes on hand to chase away the ghosts of weariness!

Make some basic cupcakes, or if you're feeling ambitious, some of Southern Living's Show-stopping Cupcakes. If you're feeling more classic, make a simple and classic cupcake! While those are baking, whip up some frosting. Pick a base that goes best with the flavor of cupcake you've chosen, and if you want, color the frosting! Are the witches green or purple or orange?

Check out this video.

To create a witch's hat, frost the cupcake normally. Then, place an Oreo (whole or one cookie) onto the frosting. Spread some more frosting onto the cookie, then top with a Hershey's kiss. For a different witch's hat, frost the cupcake normally. Instead of placing an Oreo onto the frosting, nestle a chocolate sugar cone into the frosting. Make sure to decorate the cone with a buckle and band first, though!

If you don't have any of those on hand, first set aside some frosting. Then pipe a band of frosting, preferably tinted black, onto the top of each cupcake. Then, pipe swirls upward, mimicking a cone shape. Color the reserved frosting gold or yellow. With it, pipe a buckle and band around the base of the cone, so the frosting looks like a hat.

Or, if you want to make a witch's face on each cupcake, first color the frosting. Then, dot a different color frosting on for the eyes, nose and mouth. Dot the face with a miniature M&M wart. Draw on hair with frosting, or use pretzel sticks or chow mein noodles. Don't forget the whisker on the chin!