Forget the Easter bunny.
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While, admittedly, you can never copy the magic of a little one's first time trick-or-treating around the neighborhood—the excitement of kids dressed as princesses and superheroes who have been dreaming all month of limitless candy is palpable. However, finding a way to trick-or-treat without necessarily having to hit the streets presents an opportunity for a super fun pivot that guarantees the kids have just as much excitement (and candy) to remember. This Halloween, let's have ourselves a pumpkin hunt. 

Inspired by the child-favorite activity we celebrate every spring, a pumpkin hunt is basically the same idea as an Easter egg hunt, except it's less pastel and full of spooky fun. It involves turning the indoors or backyard into a minefield of tiny pumpkins filled with tons of hidden Halloween candy, along with some hidden Halloween baubles. Kids get to wear their costumes and take part in a totally new way of miniature trick-or-treating with family, close friends, or classmates. We even found these adorably perfect petite pumpkins on Amazon that open and close just like plastic Easter eggs and are primed to be stuffed with Halloween candy. 

Pumpkin Hunt
Credit: Amazon

As far as pumpkin hunts go, the possibilities are literally endless. That's the beauty of turning lemons into lemonade: You can make it as sweet, tart, or spiked as you want. Turn the backyard into a total Halloween extravaganza with these hanging bats and faux spider webs, and serve a Halloween spread of festive baked treats and bubbling potion punch topped with floating mounds of sherbet. Label one hidden pumpkin as the Great Pumpkin with a candy jackpot or money at stake to up the ante for older kids, or make it a dusk party by hiding these genius glow-in-the-dark Halloween toys

Glow In Dark Toys
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Pumpkin hunts are the new way to make Halloween feel spooky and special. Start collecting cheap baubles or tiny pumpkins to hide alongside all the Halloween candy they could ever dream of and you're bound to host the most fun family bash in town. 

Basically, this is gearing up to be your most memorable Halloween yet, regardless if the kids go actual trick-or-treating or not.