Forget the cauldron. Let's make that bathtub bubble.

Lush Halloween Collection
Credit: @bathsbubblesandbombs

In case you missed it, there's a whole subculture of people out there that spend hours watching Instagram videos of bath bombs fizzing into effervescent swirls of color—complete with all the smell-goods and, at times, glitter.

Yes, really. It's a thing. We're living in the age of the bathfluencer. Buckle up.

Bath bombs are baseball-sized contraptions made with baking soda and citric acid for fizz, color dye and fragrance for flair. Basically the goal is to make bath time a self-care ritual of sorts, which is where bright colors, bursts of glitter, aromatic ingredients (think lavender and citrus), cheeky names, and fun shapes come in.

Lush Cosmetics, which specializes in handmade bath products, practically has the market cornered on Instagrammable bath bombs and shower jellies used by bath enthusiasts everywhere (this Lush-loving bath influencer has 35.1k followers).

What really gets the sudsy savants going? A limited-edition release of spooky Halloween bath bombs, bubble bars, and shower slime. Forget the cauldron. Let's make that bathtub bubble.

Lush's bath bombs are the brand's most popular products, and this year's Halloween collection features bath bombs of many spooky persuasions, such as the spiced Punkin Pumpkin, citrusy Monsters' Ball (it's a bestseller!), spicy Lord of Misrule, and zodiac-inspired Mercury Retrograde.

You'll also find bubble bars that can suds up your bath quicker than you can say hobgoblin. Namely, the Bewitched black cat bar and the glitter-spiked pumpkin bar that fills your tub with skin-softening bubbles and the scent of juniper berry.

If you're feeling particularly ghoulish, try the glow-in-the-dark ghost bar soap, the celestial Twilight Shower Jelly, or the gooey, black Boo! shower slime.

Even if you've always said you're not a "bath person," just one soak will have you under a spell. What's next? Lush's Christmas collection is already live.

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Give yourself a spooky bath now, a fall harvest soak later, and then finally a holiday tub-palooza come December. You're a bathfluencer now.