"Creep it real."
Halloween Puns and Jokes
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Halloween is the name of the game come October, which means its time to bake everything pumpkin spice, decorate your porch, and plan an impressive Halloween costume. Halloween doesn't have to be all eerie and spooky. Trust us—there's no need to give Granny a scare this season. We've opted for the humorous route and collected Halloween puns and jokes that are light-hearted and ghoulishly funny. These impressive jokes will surely give trick-or-treaters pumpkin to talk about. Before the sugar rush hits from your candy overload, make sure to post a gourd-geous Halloween photo and caption it with a corny Halloween pun. Halloween night will be one to remember with these hilarious puns up your sleeve.

Halloween Puns

"Squad ghouls."

"Creep it real."

"Life is gourd."

"Trick or treat yo' self."

"Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about."

"Happy Howl-oween."

"Too cute to spook."

"Howl you doin'?"

"Oh my ghourd!"

"Witchful thinking."

"Whoo ghost there?"

"Witch, please."

"Bone to be wild."

"Lazy bones."

"Bone appetit!"

"The ghostess with the mostest."

"If you've got it, haunt it."

"Hey boo-tiful."


"Have a fang-tastic Halloween."

"Hello gourd-geous."


"Eat, drink, & be scary."


"Goblin candy all night."

"Ghouls just want to have fun."

"You've got me under your spell."

"You're just my (blood) type."

"Don't be corny."


"A scare is born."

"More boos, please."

Halloween jokes

"What do you get when you drop a pumpkin? Squash."

"Halloween candy is yummy and all, but don't forget to save room for 'I scream.'"

"Why did the ghost go to the bar? To get some boos."

"Why wouldn't the skeleton go in the haunted house? He had no guts."

"What do you say when you're having dinner with a skeleton? Bone appetit!"

"What kind of mistakes do ghosts make? Boo boos."

"How did the great pumpkin fix his jeans? With a pumpkin patch."

"Where do ghosts go on vacation? Mali-boo."

"Why do skeleton's make such good comedians? They have so many funny bones."

"Why wasn't there any food left at the Halloween party? Everyone was goblin."

"What did the skeleton bring to the potluck? Spare ribs."

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"Where do ghosts learn to become pilots? At fright school."

"What's a ghost's favorite street? A dead end."