Disney World Halloween
Credit: Orlando Sentinel/Getty Images

It may only be the first day of fall, but Disney World sure has us antsing for the last day of October.

In a new video posted to their Facebook page, Disney World gives fans an insider view at the impressive transformation of the park into a House of Spooks. Set to the theme song of The Nightmare Before Christmas' "This Is Halloween," the time-lapse video kicks off with a flood of Mousketeers entering the park.

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Under the canvas of a clear night's sky, workers hustle to morph Main Street, U.S.A. into a festive All Hallows' Eve display. To achieve the wonderfully haunted vibe, our favorite theme park gets covered with Jack O'Lantern wreaths, towering pumpkin displays, and even a garden of scarecrows.

So far, the video has racked up seven million views and been shared nearly 43,000 times in just one day. If you can't hop on a broomstick and make it to the spookiest place on earth to see the magic firsthand, watch the metamorphosis below.