6 Easy Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns

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If you've ever picked out a pumpkin carving template and realized you've bit off more than you were actually prepared to saw, we're here to help you out. You can achieve a beautiful, porch-worthy pumpkin without a complicated carving process, and these easy pumpkin templates are here to prove it.

Free to download and simple to print, these pumpkin patterns will help you and your family create glowing designs that are sure to be the talk of the block. From a goofy ghost or monster pumpkin with a smile that's anything but spooky to phrases and sayings full of Halloween spirit, these easy pumpkin carving stencils will make you look like a pumpkin pro. With all of these printable pumpkin carving patterns, you're sure to find the perfect pumpkin ideas for your front door. If you need a little bit more direction, check out our complete guide to using a pumpkin carving pattern. No time for carving? Try one of our no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas instead.

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Big Teeth Smiling Skeleton

Big Teeth Smiling Pumpkin Stencil

Bring a whimsical charm to your pumpkin carving with this smiling skeleton. Since it uses mostly large block cutouts, it's one of our easier pumpkin designs. For the best results, you may want to etch before you carve to avoid breakage.

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Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Carving Stencil

The spirit of the season will be front and center with this festive Halloween carving as a part of your front porch pumpkin display. Though it's one of our more detailed stencils, don't let this design spook you. It's a carving challenge worth taking.

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Cat Pumpkin

Cat Pumpkin Carving Template

Celebrate your feline friends with this cat carving that's way too cute to be creepy. The cat's thin lips can be a little bit of a carving challenge, but this sweet face is worth the extra effort.

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Smiley Face Pumpkin

Smiley Face Pumpkin Carving Template

This grinning pumpkin template will light up your Halloween display. With forgiving, wavy lines and a welcoming gap tooth smile, trick-or-treaters will get a laugh when they see this goofy face on your gourd.

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Easy Vampire Pumpkin

Easy Vampire Pumpkin Carving Template

Sink your teeth into one of the easiest pumpkin carvings around. Kid-friendly and cute, the stencil is great for first time carvers or last-minute Halloween decorators. All it takes is a few simple shapes, and you've got a friendly vampire on your hands.

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Frankenstein Pumpkin

Frankenstein Pumpkin Carving Template

Give this notorious monster life with easy-to-carve, rigid lines and a mischievous gapped smile. His zombie-like gaze may seem full of terror, but we can guarantee this monster is sure to spark some harmless fun.

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