It's that time of year again. Pumpkins are popping up left and right. This year, we urge you to spare yourself the hard work of carving and opt for a more elegant (and longer lasting) option instead.

Enter the Chinoiserie pumpkin–a step above the traditional black and orange palette that haunts the holiday. We fell in love with these from Dana Mahnke of Indigo Home.


Dana, a Williamsburg, VA native, grew up admiring her grandmother's Blue Willow china pattern (that she eventually inherited). Her love of pattern, blue and white, and the movement that is reflected in Chinoiserie patterns inspires her in everything that she creates (see dog bowls, Christmas ornaments, and Easter eggs).

At $125, the pumpkins are a little steep but worth the splurge. You can use them year after year and let's be honest, Chinoiserie isn't going anywhere.

However, for you DIY folks, we reached out to Dana for a few tips on making these at home:

  1. Choose a color palette that inspires you. Not sure what that is? Peek into your closet. You'll easily find your go-to shade.
  2. Start with three pumpkins. Paint a solid base. Dana prefers acrylic paint because it's easy to clean and won't drip.
  3. Pick three design patterns—one for each pumpkin—that vary in scale. This will keep the eye moving from one pumpkin to the next without being overwhelming. Stencils (found at your local craft store) make painting a design a breeze.