Jabberin' Jack

This Talking Pumpkin from Amazon Sold Out in Two Weeks Last Year, But You Can Still Snag One

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I don't know if it's too soon for you to hear this, but Halloween is coming. I've learned a thing or two about prep for this particular holiday over the past few years and, let me tell you, the treats aren't the only things that can get a little tricky. Buying costumes in August might sound a bit over eager, but make the mistake of waiting too long just once and you won't think twice about adding all the Halloween things to your cart two months ahead next year. Being forced to buy an $89 owl costume for a toddler because Target was sold out of just about everything but adult-sized Power Rangers? No, thanks. While I should be focusing on the essentials (i.e. scouring Target's online offerings for a 2T Elsa costume and the *good* candy), I'll admit, I'm distracted by all the ghoulish yard stakes, spooky witch wreaths, and—most importantly—the animated talking pumpkin named Jabberin' Jack that apparently sold out in record time last year.

Before you tell me you're more of a fall-décor person, let me assure you, I too never met a leaf garland I didn't like. And the ghost blow-up lawn figures? I would never. But, this indoor/outdoor talking pumpkin is the perfect compromise for spooky-season-loving children and Mama's pumpkin-spice-and-harvest-hues aesthetic. And the Jabberin' Jack does it all. He talks, sings, tells jokes, and can stand-in as a cute little jack-o'-lantern prior to your annual carving of the real thing—a task which we typically recommend taking on just a day or two prior to Halloween, if not the day of.

The pumpkin has a short throw projector and speaker built inside, all powered by a USB cable. You can control the volume and personalities (spooky, traditional, and funny) with the touch of a button located on the back of the unit. It will stay on for 45 minutes with an auto shut-off so you don't have to worry about running back out to the porch after the last trick-or-treater has made their way through. Unlike those real carved versions we love so much, this pumpkin gets wrapped up and placed in the attic or garage with the rest of your holiday décor once the season is over, ready to pull out again next year. Trust me, when that day comes, the kids won't be the only ones letting out shouts of glee—and it might even inspire you to add those costumes to your cart a bit early too.

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Jabberin' Jack
Credit: Jabberin' Jack

Jabberin' Jack

BUY IT: $61.99; amazon.com

Jabberin' Jack is safe for both indoor and outdoor use, though it needs to be placed on a covered porch in a non-humid environment if it's spending time outside.