And the award for coolest grandma goes to...

Keg Stand Grandma
Grandma does a keg stand at grandson's party
| Credit: Via @MaddieRae

When her 79-year-old grandmother mentioned trying a keg stand at her little brother's high school graduation over the weekend, Madison Munoz, 20, thought she was kidding.

Grandma Muriel, it turns out, was totally serious.

With her legs in the air, her dream came true at the family party in Arlington, Texas on Sunday. And, like thousands of American youth before her, Muriel finally got to experience the singular pleasure of chugging beer from a keg while upside down. Madison documented the impressive event on Twitter and as the retweets and likes rolled in, Grandma Muriel became an internet sensation.

She told Fox News that her grandma has always been the life of the party, and prides herself on keeping up with all the latest trends. "The other night while watching the Warriors game, Steph {Curry} hit a three and she said, ‘It's so lit dude' and dabbed," Madison recalled. "So she's a huge hit with everyone my age."

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Grandma Muriel is back home now and loving all the fame, she added. "She thinks all of the attention is funny and is having a fun time with it," Munoz told Fox. "She got an Uber from the airport yesterday and told us that she told the driver that she's famous now!"

You go, Grandma Muriel!