Wine Bottle Chiller

Why a Wine Chiller Is Actually a Much Better Hostess Gift Than a Bottle of Wine

It’s a gift that keeps on giving.
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Whenever visiting another person's home, whether it be for a holiday gathering or a weekend stay, it's always considered polite to bring a hostess gift along to express appreciation and thanks. While hostess gifts can certainly be tailored to each person and their interests (we have you covered with some great ideas for inspiration here), a bottle of wine is never a bad idea, especially if it's an occasion where wine will be served or the hostess has provided refreshments for a group. It can stock them up for later, or help provide an emergency stash in case the bar runs dry!

Unfortunately, everyone else probably has gotten the same idea by now, and there will be no shortage of bottles given to hostesses all year long, but particularly during the holiday season. If you want to give something unique that still dances to the same tune as a bottle of wine, there is another idea that any hostess will love: a wine chiller. Wine bottle coolers (not to be confused with wine fridges) are used to chill a single bottle of wine much more quickly than when placed in the fridge, and it keeps an open bottle of wine cold on the counter while you're enjoying.

Hence, it makes the perfect option for hostesses who are receiving countless bottles of wine from guests and who want to ensure there is chilled white wine available at all times during a soirée. While there are some high-ticket wine coolers out there, you can find an affordable option that won't cost more than an average hostess gift. All in all, it makes a unique gift that provides a function, as well as fun. And it won't disappear after the party! (You can't always say as much for the wine.)

Shop our favorite gift-worthy wine chiller below, plus three other options anyone would love to receive.

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Wine Bottle Chiller
Credit: Crate & Barrel

French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler

With a good price point and major counter appeal, this marble wine chiller is best when placed in the fridge to get nice and ice-cold before you've even thought about which wine bottle to break out. The marble naturally helps keep the wine chilled and stays cool for a long time.  

BUY IT: $39.95;

Wine Bottle Chiller
Credit: Amazon

S'Well Stainless Steel Wine Chiller

For something lighter than marble, this vacuum-insulated wine cooler makes another fantastic choice for keeping the vino chilled.

BUY IT: $40;

Wine Bottle Chiller
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Corkcicle Insulated Small Beverage Canteen

If you want to give something portable that can be used to keep liquids cool on a hot day, this insulated canteen is sure to be appreciated. Coincidentally, it can fit an entire bottle of wine.

BUY IT: $39.95;

Wine Bottle Chiller
Credit: Mark & Graham

Celebration Wine Chiller

As a nicer gift for a house-warming party or for a dear friend, this monogrammed stainless steel wine chiller is an absolute looker on the bar cart.

BUY IT: $55;