From young to old, these figurines are perfect for one and all.

Willow Tree Mother and Child Figurine
Credit: ChrisLPhotography/Getty Images

The art of finding the perfect gift is a skill that not all of us have mastered. Like when you gave a perfectly nice box of milk chocolates to someone who only enjoys dark chocolate, camping equipment to an agoraphobe, or a lovely wool hat and glove set to a snowbird living in Florida. All lovely gifts to be sure, but perhaps not perfect for the recipient. Well, at least it’s the thought that counts, right?

If you’re looking for a gift that would work equally well for a grandparent, teacher, or church friend, look no further than Willow Tree figurines. These figurative sculptures are designed by artist Susan Lordi, who hand carves the original of each figure from her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Her shop is filled with pieces that are cast from her original carvings, and then painted by hand. Each figurine is designed to convey emotion without saying a word. “What I want to do with Willow Tree [is] give people a way to express an emotion or feeling that goes beyond words,” Susan Lordi wrote on her company’s website.

The faceless wooden figurines can also be grouped together to help mark important family events. You can purchase grandparents holding newborn grandchildren, brothers and sisters sharing a quiet moment, parents greeting a child, even a family welcoming a new pet into the fold.

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There’s a reason that, as Country Living points out, they are one of the most popular items in the world, according to Google’s all-knowing shopping algorithm, which scans across all websites and online retailers. So many people are searching for ways to stock up on these versatile little gifts, specifically the "Quietly" figure, which is the ninth most popular home good searched for on Google. The small sculpture of a woman and two children is just behind the latest Dyson vacuum cleaner and the Weber outdoor grill among trending items, and it is more popular than two varieties of those robot vacuum cleaners.

That said, the Willow Tree figurine is slightly less popular on Google than a replica of that memorable leg lamp from A Christmas Story. If you remember that story, though, the leg lamp wasn’t particularly well received by everyone in the family. Perhaps a Willow Tree figurine would have been a better prize.