Transform family heirlooms into creative keepsakes.
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Handwritten Recipe
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Handwritten family recipes are priceless. There's something special about following your grandmother's own cursive script to prepare one of her signature dishes, especially during the holidays. The cards are usually faded and stained, tucked away in recipe boxes for safe keeping until we need that cookie or casserole recipe. Then, out come the cards for a day of cooking and baking before they are carefully replaced in the box—sometimes with a new spot of butter or dusting of flour.

Preserving these recipes keeps loved ones' memories alive after they've left us and ensures that they can be shared with future generations. Thanks to the creativity and work of many sellers on Etsy, you can now share these beloved recipes in a way that the whole family can enjoy. These handwritten recipe gift ideas will let you share your family's most treasured recipes without worry of damaging the original copy. Transcribe your family's favorite cookie recipe onto a cookie jar, engrave grandma's oxtail soup recipe onto an easel (now you don't have to lean over and squint), or hang up the most oft-used family recipe on a canvas sign so that it's always in sight.

It can be difficult to find the right holiday gift for friends and family, but something as personalized and meaningful as a recipe card is hard to beat—and it's also hard to get wrong. From a tea towel to a coffee mug and more, here are some creative ideas for turning handwritten recipes into gifts that the recipient will treasure for years to come, and it'll even delight that friend or family member who has everything. And, maybe you'll have to order a few things for yourself.

Recipe Mug
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Ceramic Coffee Mug With Family Recipe

BUY IT: from $30.50;

Available in five colors, this dishwasher and microwave-safe mug allows the recipient to reminisce on treasured family memories each morning when they enjoy their coffee. 

Recipe Casserole Dish
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Engraved 9x13 Casserole Dish

BUY IT: from $73.99;

Grandma's famous casserole will be even better when served in this 9-by-13 dish that has the ingredients and instructions printed on the bottom. 

Handwritten Recipe Apron
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Apron with Handwritten Recipe

BUY IT: $40.50;

This Etsy seller personalizes plain aprons by converting handwritten recipes onto the front of them. Bonus points for being durable enough to withstand the washing machine.

Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel
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Personalized Kitchen Flour Sac Hand Towel

BUY IT: $10.50;

Your sister will love hanging a tea towel with your great-grandmother's biscuit recipe over the handle of her stove.

Recipe Cutting Board
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Custom Recipe Bamboo Cutting Board

BUY IT: from $22.39;

BUY IT: from $33.29;

Engrave your dad's favorite cookie recipe onto a wooden cutting board.  This seller takes a scanned copy of your recipe and replicates the original handwriting.

Recipe Pie Plate
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Engraved Pie Plate

BUY IT: from $59.99;

Whether it's a classic family pie or homemade crust, a handwritten recipe will shine on this glass dish. The pie plate is oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. 

Framed Handwritten Recipe Print
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Custom Wood Framed Printed Family Recipe Kitchen Sign

BUY IT: from $29.99;

Turn handwritten recipes into meaningful pieces of art. Sizes start with the dimensions of five-by-seven and are available in nine different options up to a 24-by-36-inch frame. 

Handwritten Recipe Plattr
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Handwritten Recipe Platter

BUY IT: from $55;

This platter can be displayed in the kitchen or used to serve the famous family recipe that's printed on it. 

Wooden Recipe Card
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Etched Wood Recipe Card

BUY IT: from $19.99;

The original copies of your most treasured family recipes can often be well-used and fragile. Having them etched onto a piece of wood will give them new life to be used for years to come. Plus, you can make a copy for every member of the family. 

Personalized Slate Cheese Board
Credit: Etsy

Personalized Slate Cheese Board

BUY IT: $49.99;

This slate board with sturdy handles will become a new favorite piece for serving charcuterie. 

handwritten recipe canvas sign
Credit: Etsy

Handwritten Recipe Hanging Canvas Sign

BUY IT: $65;

Give the treasured heirloom recipe a permanent space in the kitchen. With this canvas sign, the recipe will never be out of sight and also doubles as decoration so you never have to pull it out.

handwritten recipe cookie jar
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Handwritten Recipe Ceramic Cookie Jar

BUY IT: $170;

It's only fitting that your most treasured family cookie recipe should be transcribed on this jar.

handwritten recipe tea towel
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Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel

BUY IT: $14.80;

With your favorite recipe printed on a tea towel, it will always be readily accessible as you pull out the ingredients to get going in the kitchen.

handwritten recipe easel
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Handwritten Recipe Easel

BUY IT: $68.25;

An easel does double duty, propping up your favorite book or providing easy access to a family recipe without you having to bend over and squint at some tiny print.

handwritten recipe plate
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Handwritten Recipe Serving Plate

BUY IT: $70.55;

With this plate, guests will never ask for the recipe because as soon as the treats disappear, they can get a good look.

handwritten recipe ornament
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Handwritten Recipe Card Christmas Ornament

BUY IT: from $18;

Keep your favorite family holiday recipes in easy reach all season long with these recipe card ornaments. Just swipe one off the tree when you're ready to do some holiday baking.