Did you know you can exchange it online for a gift card you actually desire?


The Christmas and Hanukkah season is filled with lots of wonderful presents. And, a fair share of not so wonderful ones. With most gifts—assuming you have the receipt and are in accordance with the store's policy—it's fairly simple to return items you don't want and get a store credit in exchange. With gift cards you don't have a use for or an interest in shopping at the website or shop, however, you're likely stuck with holding onto something you don't really want. (Open my chest of drawers, and you'll find no fewer than four gift cards I've had collecting dust in lieu of awesome finds. I'm sure many of you reading this have a similar collection.)

But there's good news, readers. A world beyond awkwardly re-gifting a gift card you don't want exists. (Fire up those voices in your head: Did you just re-gift a card to someone who gave you that very gift card for your birthday last year? Will they be able to tell you rewrote their name on top of the previous recipient's? Will they find it suspicious that the foldable card the gift card itself comes wrapped in stating the value and giftee's name is nowhere to be found?)

As the TODAY show recently pointed out, one excellent thing to do with unwanted gift cards is sell them on sites like CardPool, Raise, CardCash. Though you may not get the full value of your card, you can earn a significant portion of the card's value, and it sure beats the gift card sitting in your wallet or drawer with essentially no value to you. Target also has a unique gift card trade-in program in which they accept a variety of gift cards for a Target gift card. Participating merchants include Buffalo Wild Wings, CB2, Dunkin' Donuts, Macy's,  Nike, Walmart, Yankee Candle, and many, many more (you can see a list of currently accepted gift cards at the gift card trade-in program link above).

Sitting on other gifts you don't want this holiday season? Check out the best time to make holiday returns to avoid long lines. Feeling a little iffy about returning gifts in the first place? Read our etiquette guide to returning unwanted Christmas gifts here.

Do share your secrets, gift card exchange enthusiasts: What's your favorite place to sell gift cards that you don't want? Or do you have any go-to strategies for regifting gift cards that you don't want?