"If I could write a story, It would be the greatest ever told. I'd write about my dad, For he had a heart of gold."
Father's Day
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Father’s Day is just around the corner, but we think our Southern dads deserve to be celebrated every single day. They offer the best advice, lug us around to little league games and dance recitals, and selflessly provide for the family. That’s why we cherish these Father’s Day poems. The beautiful prose serves as a reminder of our ever-present love and apperception for dads everywhere. These poems for Father’s Day honor dads who are no longer with us, retell special memories, and highlight the pure dedication of the patriarch of the family. Whether you’re simply looking for inspiration to write your own poem or a meaningful message to include in a Father’s Day card, there is something for everyone in this list. Read through these poems with a smile as you recall the many lessons your dad taught you. Father’s Day is a time to truly celebrate the most special man in your life – let these eloquent words serve as a starting point.

Father's Day In Heaven

By Pat A. Fleming

If time exists in heaven,

Do you still rise with the sun?

Do you and Mom share breakfast

Before your day has begun?

Can the heavens hear your laughter

As you sit and reminisce

About the time we had together

And other people that you miss?

And Daddy, do you still take walks,

Along the heaven's seas?

And when you gaze upon the surf,

Do you remember walks with me?

Are your standing with those brave young men

Upon its perfect shores?

Finally by their sides again,

Your comrades from the war.

Do you gather with your family,

Beneath the heaven's glow?

And gaze upon those mountains still

That once you called your home.

Is music all around you,

All those songs you held so dear?

Do you and Mom still sing together,

The way you did when you were here?

Do you ever have long talks with God

About those left behind?

Do you tell him all the stories

Of all our grand and treasured times?

I think that heaven must be grateful,

To have you there each day,

To bring your easy laughter

And your silly sense of play.

And I'm sure that God already knows

The special Father you had been.

And how I wish that you were here,

To guide my way again.

But I carry you inside my heart.

You are never far from me.

I see you in my smile,

And in who I grew to be.

And I'm sure that on this Father's Day,

God will help you celebrate

All those Dads who changed the world with love,

What a Party that will make!

My Dad

By Vicky Frye

If I could write a story,

It would be the greatest ever told.

I'd write about my daddy,

For he had a heart of gold.

My dad, he was no hero

Known around this world.

He was everything to me,

For I was his baby girl.

I'd write about the lessons.

He taught me right from wrong.

He instilled in me the values

That one day I'd be strong.

He taught me to face my fears,

Take each day as it comes,

For there are things that we can't change.

He would say what's done is done.

He would say hold your head up high,

Carry yourself with pride.

Thanks to him, I am somebody,

I will never run and hide.

If I could write a story,

It would be the greatest ever told.

I'd write about my daddy,

For he had a heart of gold.

A True Hero

By Julie Mills

What makes a man a hero?

I've often thought this through.

It's someone who is macho?

It's someone who is true?

No, that is not a hero.

He's just a simple man.

Always there when things go wrong

and who does the best he can.

He lends a strong shoulder

To ease the flow of tears

He holds high the lantern

To drive away your fears.

His smile was just enough

To give encouragement.

His frown more than adequate

To make one soon relent.

When some had need of guidance

His ears he'd freely lend

Advice came in abundance

You chose, not him could you offend.

He had no need of medals

Or glory this is true.

That's why, dear Grandpa

Our hero has to be you.

Memories Of My Dad

By Rebecca D. Cook

He wasn't a hero

Known by the world,

But a hero he was

To his little girl.

My daddy was God,

Who knew all things.

And better than Santa,

With the gifts he'd bring.

I knew his voice

Before I could speak.

And loved it when

He would sing me to sleep.

He changed my diapers

And sat up all night

When my body was weak

And I'd put up a fight.

He'd come home late

With not much to say

And made us all kneel

As he taught me to pray.

He taught me life's lessons

Of right from wrong

And instilled in me values

That I might be strong.

And so through the years,

Like a hero he stood.

Working to give

All that he could.

His presence was important,

And we loved to see him smile,

For no one in the world

Could emulate his style.

And so, dear Dad,

My best memory to recall

Is the gift of your presence,

The greatest gift of all.

Silent, Strong Dad

By Karen K. Boyer

He never looks for praises.

He's never one to boast.

He just goes on quietly working

For those he loves the most.

His dreams are seldom spoken.

His wants are very few,

And most of the time his worries

Will go unspoken, too.

He's there...a firm foundation

Through all our storms of life,

A sturdy hand to hold onto

In times of stress and strife.

A true friend we can turn to

When times are good or bad.

One of our greatest blessings,

The man that we call Dad.

My Blessing In Life

By Jessica L. Newsome

Every morning I wake up and see

The most handsome man lying next to me.

He's the one I cherish and love,

A blessing sent from Heaven above.

I will love him as a faithful wife should

And do everything for him I could.

I would let him know every day

That I love him more than words can say.

For the two children we have together

And the love for God in each other,

It will keep our love for each other strong,

And the Lord will guide us away from all wrong.

Wish You Were Here

By Diana Doyle

Three months have passed.

I'll never forget the day

Someone rang to tell me

That you'd gone away.

The hurt is the same,

Like an open wound.

There are days

I don't utter a sound.

Some days the pain is stronger.

It makes me sick and weak.

I can't stand this much longer.

I just sit here and weep.

I've shut my private door

And let no one in,

Locking myself in a box.

They try, but I won't give in.

You were like a rock,

Strong, faithful and true.

What worth has my life

Now that I don't have you?

I was your first born,

Daddy's little girl.

I took my own path

But was still part of your world.

I was not the best,

Guilty of neglect,

But you know, Daddy dearest,

I had so much respect.

I always loved you,

My dad, my star.

Now my pain is

To worship you from afar.

I love you now

As I did back then.

I just hope... one day

I will see you again.

I am so proud of you,

Brave and strong to the end.

Now when asked, "How are you?"

There is no need to pretend.

We all love and miss you so much; sleep well,

and take care of all who went before you.

Forever in my heart!


By Jennifer S. Williams

When I scratched my knee,

Or if I bumped my head,

When I was afraid of the dark,

Or that thing under my bed,

When I cried in the night,

Or even in the day,

You were there for me

To make it all okay.

You tickled my feet

And laughed at all my jokes.

You taught me to believe

In having high hopes.

You are my father.

You did what you had to do,

But more than a father

You are my friend, too.

You made everything good

That was once bad.

I just want you to know

I love you, Dad.

In Her Eyes

By Michelle W. Emerson

The depth of a father's love shows in his daughter's eyes.

What's known is what's shown from sunset to sunrise.

A foundation built on more than just what is spoken.

It's commitments kept and promises that go unbroken.

An emotion so immense that nothing in this world can erase.

The permanent impression of love is tattooed upon her face.

A relation so peculiar that only the two can understand,

Yet so immaculate it's obvious that, by God, it was planned.

I believe it all began when she would sleep upon your chest.

Now you're her number one, her favorite, you're the best!

You move and she watches so closely it's as if she's in a trance.

The fact that she can repeat you, exactly, isn't just by chance.

From wrestling, racing, jump roping to being made up like a doll.

Both playmate and best friend, you've done some of it all.

A secret place, a look, special time just for her and you.

When a choice is to be made, it's all about what Daddy wants to do.

And you're there to cater to her every need and every wish.

There's an invisible pedestal for Daddy's little princess.

She's content just to be.  She's filled with absolute bliss

Just to sit up under you, giving an occasional hug and kiss.

Sweet dreams are non-existent without Daddy's goodnight kiss.

Your gentle stroke, words just for her, your check on hers is what she'd miss.

It's simply because of how you love her, I surmise.

The depth of your love always shows in her eyes.

With you, her laughter is harder and her smile is even brighter.

You have a friendship, a bond, a soul tie that couldn't be any tighter.

It's more than a special bond; it's an exclusive connection.

No room for a third party or attempted interjection.

This love is reserved just for Dad and no other.

It's not the same for siblings, not even for Mother.

It's the kind of love that I could never despise.

For the depth of your love always shows in her eyes.

To her, you'd give anything, but it's not about the gift.

It's that marvelous smile brought on by the spirit you lift.

It's not about what you can give her or about what you can do.

It's about the unconditional love reciprocated between you two.

It's the tears in her eyes when you two disagree.

Nothing's quite right until 'I love you and I'm sorry.'

It's that spunk in her step, the rainbow in her eye-

You'll know she's a Daddy's girl when she passes by.

She's got the kind of love that never fades or dies.

The depth of your love always shows in her eyes.

Upon angel wings you soar; your sparkling golden halo glows

Whenever she's with you, it's Heaven in her eyes that shows.

Her eyes hold a song so beautiful you'd think it was Heaven's melody.

It's the music of love's symphony composed by each precious memory.

The love known is the love you've shown from sunset to sunrise.

The depth of your love will forever show in your daughter's eyes.

My Miracle Dad

By Crystal M. Deprey

I know that I'm not perfect, and I'm sure you know that too,

But it means the world to know that I can always talk to you.

I am sure you didn't expect all this when you took me in to stay.

But you still loved me enough that you did it anyway.

You always seemed so calm, when deep down you were so scared,

And no matter how serious it was, you always seemed prepared.

I know I'm lucky to have you here, after all that you've been through,

And no matter what just happened, I can always say I love you.

You always can forgive me, even when times get bad,

And I'll love you until the day I die, because you are my miracle dad!