It's Not Easter Without a Bunny Cake, So Make Sure To Snag These Baking Molds

The nostalgic dessert is as fun to make as it is to eat. 

How To Make An Easter Bunny Cake

In the South, there's no such thing as an off-season from holidays and occasions, and Easter hits right at the time when Southerners are sick of the cold and dreary winter (our mild take on it, that is) and ready for all things spring. To put it lightly, Easter is a big deal, and it often features many beloved family traditions. There's enough pastel to put Dolly Parton's makeup kit to shame and too many eggs to count, including those that are dyed, deviled, or coated in chocolate.

While you can always expect certain seasonal treats to make annual appearances at Easter lunch, such as a carrot sheet cake, a coconut Bundt, or a jiggly green gelatin mold, there is one Easter dessert that's more nostalgic than any other: the bunny cake. Typically baked together as a mother-daughter or kid-friendly activity leading up to the holiday, bunny cakes are a classic Easter dish we'll never stop baking. Half the fun is decorating haphazardly with swirls of buttercream frosting dyed all different colors of pastel, and the other half can be credited fully to the vintage cake molds that are used to make the charmingly shaped cake.

To make a bunny cake at home, there are two routes—big and little. When doing together as an activity for two people or purely to use as the star centerpiece of the Easter dessert spread, the traditional Wilton Easter Bunny Cake Pan simply can't be beat. When doing it as a festive activity with the kids, go miniature. A miniature bunny cake tin makes around six small cakes shaped like Easter bunnies, which can each be decorated separately in the eye of the sprinkle-wielding little one. While the beloved Wilton Mini Easter Bunny Cake Tin can be hard to come by nowadays, you can still find it online on resale sites and occasionally on Amazon. There are even larger-than-life 3-D bunny cake molds for those who like a challenge.

This Easter, if you're looking for an activity to add on to the festivities that doesn't involve boiled eggs, look no further than a bunny cake. Shop our favorite baking molds below.

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Wilton Non-Stick Easter Bunny Cake Pan

Bunny Cake Tin Molds

Make a shareable spring delight with this charming old-school mold.

BUY IT: $5;,

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Wilton Mini Cakes Bunny Rabbit Pan Mold

Bunny Cake Tin Molds

Nothing is cuter than the Easter bunny, except in miniature form. This nostalgic cake tin makes tasty cakes. If sold out on Amazon, search resale sites such as eBay.

BUY IT: $29.99;

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Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum Nonstick Easter Bunny Cake Pan

Bunny Cake Tin Molds
Williams Sonoma

Ambitious bakers can take things up a notch with this tall bunny creation that starts with two baked halves that you connect with frosting or filling.

BUY IT: $19.99;

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