And it's gorgeous.

The Collected Arrangement
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Here's what you'll need:
Small glass vessels and jars in various sizes and heights
A variety of flowers
A simple tray
Easter eggs

If you aren't a master florist, this is the easiest way to arrange flowers.

Start with a variety of small glass jars in various sizes and heights. The range of vessels is important here because it will give your display visual interest.

How many? As far as how many vases to use, that's entirely up to you and what you have in your collection. We used six for our arrangement, but as few as three will work just fine.

What types? Vases, tumblers, drinking glasses, or even a small glass coffee cream pitcher will work for this look. We love the collected style seen above, so don't worry about trying to match—though aim to have them coordinate in some way.

Pick a flower. Any flower? Next, select your flowers. We used an assortment of colors, textures, and heights. Feel free to get a little crazy here—there's really no equation for the perfect combination. Here's a great tip: To keep things from getting chaotic, keep a single flower variety in at least half of your vessels (as we did with our tulip and rose containers). Snip stems at a variety of heights. A good rule of thumb is to keep flowers buds no taller than two inches above the top of your vase. You can even clip a single bud and float it on the top of one of the more shallow vases.

What about the presentation? Once you're satisfied with your tiny arrangements, transport to a tray. By corralling them, you'll give order to the display. Space vases so they don't crowd each other. Give the display a seasonal touch with speckled Easter eggs. If you want to get really fancy, loop a silk ribbon in a coordinating color around the bottom of the tray.

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Relocate your tray wherever you need a pop of happy color in your home. It's the perfect arrangement to take from room to room.