If you can't be trusted with a hot glue gun this is the craft for you.

Paper Mache Easter Eggs
Credit: Laurey w. Glenn

In only a few steps (and with very few materials) you'll have festive little eggs to decorate your Easter table—with nary a hot glue burn to be found.

Easter crafts don't get any easier than this. You'll be able to whip up our paper mache Easter eggs in no time.

Paper Mache Eggs (4" or 6")
Matte Modge Podge
Paper in various patterns ( tissue paper, scrapbook paper, or wrapping paper)
Ribbon (in two sizes)

To make these paper mache eggs, start by tearing the paper into strips about an inch thick. Liberally coat the top of the egg in a layer of Modge Podge. We used a foam brush, but any brush will do. Start layering paper strips on top of the Modge Podge, tearing large strips to create smaller pieces as necessary. Overlap the strips so that every part of the top of the egg is covered. Fill in any holes with tiny pieces of paper. Once you're satisfied with your paper placement, coat the paper with another layer of Modge Podge. Allow the top to dry completely before fitting the bottom and top together. Tie the larger ribbon around the egg and knot. Finally, take the thin ribbon and wrap it around the egg, finishing it with a bow.

We love using these paper mache eggs as place settings, but they also make a pretty (and easy) centerpiece to scatter around your Easter table. If you're the crafty kind—or can hold your own arranging flowers—try our Easter Carrot Centerpiece as the focal point of the table. These paper mache eggs will make the perfect supporting cast of characters.