These are the Most Searched for Easter Recipes Right Now

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Eggs
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Easter is one of the cutest holidays. There are little girls in Easter dresses, church ladies in their finest hats, boys in seersucker, and pastel-colored everything. It's downright adorable—if you're a child or a guest. But Easter can be a little anxiety producing, too. That's especially true, if you're hosting brunch, planning an Easter egg hunt, or headed to a potluck and need a dish to impress. That's when many of us turn to Google to quickly search for a recipe, figure out a memorable holiday centerpiece, plan an Easter egg hunt for your dog, or hunt down a necessary item like Easter grass, if you forgot to grow your own.

This year the folks at Google gave us a peek at what people have been searching for online as they gear up for Easter fun. The results are an interesting snapshot of what people are planning for their Easter get-togethers and family feasts. While Easter ham is a favorite, in our book, when it comes to pre-planning, it turns out that lots of people are thinking about their roots. The most-searched Easter recipes were for classic dishes like Paska, the gorgeously braided Easter bread with ties to Eastern Europe and babka, a dense, rich, buttery bread. Of course, there were some less-surprising options on the list, too. Specifically, peanut butter Easter eggs, because those are just plain delicious.

Here is what people are searching for online as they get ready for the festivities. Don't forget, that when it comes to preparing for Easter, we've got you covered. Start with a goulash you can make in the slow cooker, meaning this holiday could be easier than ever—or at least you have more time to hide those Easter eggs.

Most Searched Easter Recipes Last Week in the U.S.

  1. Peanut butter easter egg
  2. Paska
  3. Babka
  4. Banana bread
  5. Goulash

Most Searched Types of Easter Eggs Last Week in the U.S.

  1. Plastic easter eggs
  2. Giant easter egg
  3. Peanut butter easter egg
  4. Chocolate easter egg
  5. Wooden easter eggs
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