If you're short on time, this no-fail flower basket is a winner.

The No-Arranging Iris Arrangement
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

If you already have spring bulbs in pots outside, bring them in for a quick and easy seasonal arrangement that can easily be disassembled and placed back in your garden once the party is over. The best part is no finicky flower arranging is required.

Here's What You'll Need
Small potted iris bulbs (about to bloom, or recently bloomed)
Basket large enough to fit pots
Marbled Easter eggs

When selecting your basket, choose one that's large enough to fit your iris pots. You can do one small pot in a petite round basket, or opt for a rectangular basket that can fit three or four pots, as we did here.

The process is almost too easy to be true. Start by placing your iris pots in the basket. You can space them out, place them side-by-side, or cluster them in groups—all depending on the size and shape of your basket.

Once you're satisfied with your iris placement, add moss between the pots and around the sides of the basket to keep the pots secure in their positions. Add a layer of moss over the tops of the pots so all you can see are the stems and blooms popping up from beneath the cover.

We finished our display by adding a few speckle-dyed eggs, but you can either leave it as is or add any variety of seasonal objects.

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