Excellent Easter Basket Ideas For Kids, Toddlers, Teens, And Adults

These homemade Easter baskets stuffed with gifts are sure to make your loved ones smile.

Rye Grass Easter Basket
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

With the promise of spring comes Easter, one of our favorite holidays to celebrate in the South. Full of bright colors, painted Easter eggs, and fresh flowers galore, Easter decorations can be pure fun or simply gorgeous. As you plan which centerpiece will grace your dining room table for your holiday lunch, don't forget about the family's Easter baskets. Maybe you were the master of Easter baskets when your kids were little, but now that they're tweens and teens it's so much harder. No worries, we've found the best ideas for every member of the family, whether you need a treat for a 9-month-old baby or your 90-year-old grandmother. We've got ideas that will delight the men of the family, too. And if you need Easter basket stuffers, we've got ideas to suit everyone from candy lovers to master gardeners. Hop into spring with these adorable baskets.

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Grow Your Own Centerpiece

Easter basket with live wheat grass and dyed Easter eggs
Robbie Caponetto; Produced: Buffy Hargett Miller

Ditch the plastic grass and plant the real thing in an Easter basket this year. Add a plastic liner in a basket before filling it with potting soil. Ten days to two weeks before Easter, sprinkle wheatgrass seeds on top and water well. Set this simple and natural centerpiece on the dining table or patio.

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Think Outside The Basket

Easter Branch Candy Tree
Laurey W. Glenn

This imaginative Easter basket has sprouted branches bearing sweet treats. Kids will love the colorful paper cones, but the artistic flair will also impress teens or tweens. The tiny plastic eggs complete the look of a miniature outdoor egg hunt.

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Make A Bouquet

Easter Basket Centerpiece
Laurey W. Glenn

Wow your Easter lunch guests with this impressive and bright arrangement. No need for candy—this sweet-smelling Easter basket makes a touching gift for Mom or other loved ones. A rustic, moss-covered pot makes a charming base for the "basket," while a creeping vine or dried grapevine can be fashioned into a handle.

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Sprout Some Fun

Rye Grass Easter Basket
Laurey W. Glenn

This live ryegrass Easter basket would make an adorable centerpiece, hostess gift, or adult Easter basket. But it's colorful enough to enchant the kids, too. Stuff it with their favorite seasonal treats, and don't forget the Peeps.

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Bring Joy To A Toddler


This huggable plush chick and sweet sugar cookie are perfect for a toddler. The coil rope basket is versatile enough to be used later for toys in the bedroom or a few books on a shelf. You can get ahead of the game and add a board book for Easter.

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Gift A Plant

Easter Egg Carton Planter
Laurey W. Glenn

Adults with green thumbs will appreciate an Easter basket they can grow. Use these rustic carton planters as placeholders at the table or as favors for guests, or give them as thoughtful gifts to family members and neighbors. Every basket needs an Easter bunny, so we included a small garden ornament.

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Treat Them To Wine

Adult Easter Basket with Wine
krblokhin / Getty Images

For the wine aficionados, tuck a nice bottle behind the colorful dyed eggs. If you're hosting a big event, use multiple baskets and pack a full picnic lunch for every guest. Line the baskets with bright napkins or tea towels that they can take home.

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Surprise A Meat-Lover

Easter Basket
Igor Golovniov / EyeEm/Getty Images

Who knows what the Easter bunny has tucked up its little blue sleeve? There's no law that says Easter baskets have to be limited to sweets. Smoked sausages, hams, and other charcuterie will delight your meat-lover on Easter morning.

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Make It A Spa Day

spa gift basket
soapman/E+/Getty Images

As indulgent as chocolate can be, sometimes we could really use a lavender-scented bath and an exfoliating scrub. Fill an Easter basket with loofahs, scrub brushes, bath salts, and fluffy white bunny slippers for a home spa day. This gift of relaxation will be appreciated by many a tween, teen, and adult.

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Charm A Master Gardener

Gardener's gift basket

Fancy/Veer/Corbis | Getty Images

For the family member who lives for gardening, a spring-green basket filled with assorted tools, seeds, and vegetable starts could be just the thing. Use eco-friendly paper grass. Biodegradable papers can be used to mulch the garden.

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Spoil The Chef

Herb and Orange filled Arrangement styled like a basket
Robbie Caponetto; Produced: Buffy Hargett Miller

The cook of the family would be thrilled to get this Easter basket filled with fragrant ingredients. Use a ceramic container with a hole in the bottom for drainage and fill it with potting soil. Then plant herbs and edible flowers, like parsley, thyme, Swiss chard, and violas, forming a "handle" out of fresh rosemary. Water regularly, and keep it on a sunny spot on the counter.

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