This Stunning Carrot Wreath is the Ultimate DIY Easter Project

It comes together in less than an hour.

Who said wreaths have to be round? Revamp your outdoor décor this spring with a DIY project the Easter Bunny himself would approve of. It's a simple yet stunning carrot wreath that comes together in less than an hour with a few easy-to-find supplies. But don't be fooled. No literal carrots are used to create this gorgeous Easter door wreath. It's a collection of orange roses, tulips, and carnations that come together to form the shape of a carrot. Adorable? Yes. Easy to make? Absolutely.

Gather The Materials

For this carrot door hanger, you'll need an assortment of orange flowers (tulips, carnations, garden roses), greenery, floral stem tape, floral wire, and a floral cage arranger with floral foam. (Pro tip: Soak the foam in water overnight before you begin arranging the flowers. This simple step will help keep the flowers fresh and alive much longer.)

Assemble The Wreath

  1. Arrange the flowers in the form of an upside-down triangle, beginning at the bottom with the blooms facing downward; secure the structure with floral tape and wire.
  2. As you work your way upward by inserting the flower stems into the foam, widen the bouquet and fill in any gaps until it resembles a carrot in shape. Be sure to remove any greenery from the flowers and save it for later.
  3. Create the top with the greenery. Trim the stems of the roses, tulips, and carnations at an angle so they soak in more water.
  4. Finish it off by adding wispy greenery to the top of the arraignment to resemble the frond of a carrot.

Make It Your Own

This DIY carrot Easter wreath is easily customizable; make it as small or as large as you'd like depending on your style and preference. While we opted for fresh blooms, this project would work just as well with artificial flowers, making it a DIY craft you can reuse year after year.

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