Sara Albers of Alice and Lois shares how to make them in five easy steps.
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Floral Fabric Wrapped Easter Eggs on White Plate
Credit: Sara Albers

Pretty floral fabric can be used for so many things—cloth napkins, handmade dresses, tea towels, and more. And, just as there are plenty of ways to use it, there are also endless floral fabric varieties to choose from. As for us, we have fallen head over heels for Liberty London sweet, petite floral prints, which means it's time to put this spring-centric pattern to use in a fun craft that we know you'll love. Today we are showing you how to make Liberty London-inspired Easter eggs. Grab some faux craft eggs, decoupage (like Mod Podge), delicate floral fabric, and a paint brush for this simple DIY Easter Egg project. The petite floral print eggs make the perfect Easter decoration for display in a basket or a centerpiece on your dining room table.

Pink and Orange Floral Fabric Wrapped Easter Eggs
Credit: Sara Albers


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Floral Fabric Easter Eggs Supplies
Credit: Sara Albers

Step 1

Cut the fabric in 2-inch strips.

Trimming Excess Fabric Around Easter Egg
Credit: Sara Albers

Step 2

Fold the strip of fabric around the egg and trim where the fabric meets.

Apply Modge Podge with Paint Brush to Egg
Credit: Sara Albers

Step 3

Apply Mod Podge with a paint brush to the area of the egg that you will wrap the fabric around. Wrap the fabric around the egg. Smooth the fabric with your fingers.

Apply Modge Podge to Easter Eggs
Credit: Sara Albers

Step 4

Add more Mod Podge with a paint brush and continue to smooth the fabric around the egg. You will have a bit of the egg showing on both sides.

Allow Eggs to Dry
Credit: Sara Albers

Step 5

Cut two pieces of fabric to fit uncovered part of the egg. Apply Mod Podge to the egg and smooth on fabric pieces. You will have some creases in the fabric and that is okay. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the entire egg. Allow to dry on a piece of wax paper.