Easter wouldn't be the same without this simple family tradition.

Dyring Easter Eggs
Credit: Jenna SIms

Even though my twin sister and I will celebrate our 28 birthdays this year, we know there is one Easter tradition we will never outgrow and that's gathering with our parents to dye eggs. Throughout high school, college, and beyond, we’ve continued the simple celebration. A night or two before Easter, my mom boils several dozen eggs and bakes Pillsbury Easter Cookies for us to snack on.

The dining room table is covered in newspaper to serve as the backdrop for our egg decorating supplies. We fill colorful egg-shaped cups with vinegar, water, and a dye tablet to create a rainbow of colors. My sister and I have Easter Bunny-shaped tongs from our childhood that we still use to dye our eggs—hers are pink and mine are purple. No matter how old we get, dyeing eggs wouldn’t be the same without them.

Easter Egg Dyeing
Credit: Jenna Sims

Once we start, my mom always uses a clear crayon to write “Mom” on an egg with a tiny heart below, then dyes it purple. My dad uses a similar tactic, but dyes his egg red to display an Alabama "A" or the words “Roll Tide” as a nod to our favorite team. In addition to the classics, we’ve given trendy egg dyeing and egg decorating kits a try as well. We’ve used metallics and natural dyes, and I’ve even tried the pineapple and monogram decorating trends over the years. Sometimes new ideas don’t turn out, giving us a good laugh, and we always end up playfully taunting each other for hogging colors.

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The thing I look forward to the most each year is not the new dyeing tricks that we try or who designs the best egg, but the time we spend around the table reminiscing about Easters of years past while unknowingly creating new memories. Our holiday weekend wouldn't be complete without this tradition.