And it'll keep things (relatively) mess-free.
Colorful Easter eggs
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Let's be real for a minute: We love dyeing Easter eggs as much as the next fella, but there's no denying that it's messy business. No matter how much newspaper you put on the counter, no matter what kind of rag-tag clothes you dress your children in, no matter how carefully you lower that egg into the bowl of dye, this family memory-making time will undoubtedly end with dye-stained clothes, dye-stained hands, a dye-stained kitchen—and unevenly dyed eggs.

But before you throw in the towel and put the kibosh on this year's Easter egg-dyeing festivities, there's a reason to rejoice!

Thanks to the creative think-tank that is Pinterest, we've recently discovered a much easier—and far less risky—method for transforming your plain-Jane hard-boiled eggs into pretty pastel decorations for your Easter brunch tablescape.

And the best part? This mess-saving trick is all about the tools you use, and we'd be willing to bet you already have this foolproof egg-dyeing instrument in your kitchen. Put down the slotted spoon, and pick up the whisk.

Your trusty whisk, which beats eggs into omelets and whips meringue into existence, is also a dynamite accessory for dyeing Easter eggs.

Forget the balancing act that spoons require. Instead, pry open the whisk just far enough to slide the egg in and voila! You've got the ultimate hands-free dunking tool for your little ones to use.

Lower the egg into a mixture of water, vinegar, and food coloring (make sure the bowl is deep enough to fully cover the egg!), let it sit for up to 5 minutes, and then lift out the egg. While you can let your kids do the dunking, you should be the one to slide the egg out of the prongs post-dyeing. Just be sure to wear rubber gloves, so as not to stain your fingers in the process.

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