Spring is here! Add some shine to your table with our step-by-step gold speckled egg DIY.

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DIY Gold Speckled Easter Eggs
Credit: Rachael Walker

This year, we're skipping the dye and heading to our local farmer's market for natural, pastel-colored eggs. Blowing out the eggs (using just a few simple steps outlined below) will create a keepsake that you'll enjoy for years to come. Local farmers market eggs (we used those of Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers, Black Cooper Marans, and Ameraucanas chickens) give the gold accents a beautiful, natural backdrop. Your best bet is to hop on over to your local farmers market for fresh eggs, but if that's not an option, brown eggs from the grocery store will work well too.

DIY Gold Speckled Easter Egg Supplies
Credit: Rachael Walker


Farmers Market eggs
Warm water
Bulb nasal aspirator
Gold paint
Gold bead spacers (optional and can be found at your local craft store)
Super glue (optional and needed for gold bead spacers)

Step 1

Use a push-pin to gently poke holes in each end of the egg. Be brave, push! Leaving the eggs in their carton for this entire DIY helps contain mess and keeps the eggs secure. After you've poked each egg once, flip them in the carton to repeat the process on the opposite side.

Poking Hole in Egg
Credit: Rachael Walker

Step 2

Once all eggs have holes on both sides, insert a toothpick. Move the toothpick around inside the egg to break up the yolk. This will ease the process of emptying the egg.

Poking Egg with Toothpick
Credit: Rachael Walker

Step 3

Start with an unused nasal aspirator. Place a bowl in your workspace and give your own little chickens a front row seat to this step! Use the nasal aspirator and press it firmly against the top hole. Squeeze gently. The egg contents will then drop through the bottom hole into the bowl below. After several squeezes, the egg will be empty and ready to return to the safety of the carton. Repeat this process with the rest of the eggs. After all eggs have been blown, rinse them out with warm water. You can use the clean aspirator over a bowl or a trickle from your faucet over the sink.

Cleaning Out an Egg with nasal aspirator
Credit: Rachael Walker

Step 4

It's time for these eggs to shine! We recommend opting for acrylic gold paint. This offers a bright accent and permanent speckles. The speckled technique will add just the right amount of gold while still showing the beautiful, natural colors of the eggs. Use a toothbrush that is ready to be retired to the craft drawer. Dip the toothbrush in paint. Less is more with this step. Too much paint causes big splatters rather than small speckles. Hold the toothbrush over the eggs and move your thumb backwards through the bristles. This will create the speckle! After you've added gold to all of the eggs on the top side, let them dry. Flip them in the carton to repeat the process on the opposite side.

Decorating Eggs with Gold Paint and Toothbrush
Credit: Rachael Walker

Step 5

If you want to give these eggs a chic finishing touch, this optional step is for you. Open up your craft drawer for super glue and anything gold that can cover up the holes on the top and bottom of the eggs. This could be beads, jewelry making accessories, gold leaf, ribbon and even ornament hooks. Don't have anything lying around that would work? We recommend exploring your local craft store's jewelry making aisle. We opted for gold bead spacers. They are ornate and offer a curved shape that fits over the holes perfectly. Add a small dot of super glue to each of the top holes. Place the bead spacers right on top of the glue. After you've added the gold accent to all of the eggs on the top side, let them dry. Flip them in the carton to repeat the process on the opposite side.

Filling Egg Hole with Glue
Credit: Rachael Walker

Time to shine!

It is now time to thank that trusty egg carton for its support during this DIY! Choose the perfect spot for these beauties and remove the eggs from the carton. Whether their new home is an easter basket, a centerpiece, or a simple bowl on your kitchen table, they will surely shine!

Gold Speckled Easter Eggs in Basket
Credit: Rachael Walker

More Gold Egg Options

For a bit more fun, grab a paint brush and free-hand your favorite spring imagery and patterns. We painted stripes, tulips, and anemones on a few eggs for an extra touch of gold. Painting these additional eggs extends the DIY project and adds variety to your Easter display.

Decorated Easter Eggs with Gold Paint
Credit: Rachael Walker

Choosing these natural, pastel colored eggs is the perfect way to display nature's beauty, support local farmers, and create a spring keepsake to treasure for years to come.