The Most Vibrant Easter Eggs Have Nothing to Do With the Dye

Mind. Blown.

A colorful collection of patterned easter eggs
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Some people are Christmas people. Others love Thanksgiving. But I can't get enough of Easter.

Perhaps it's because Easter and springtime always seem to make a simultaneous appearance, or maybe it's because my mom was always big on the holiday herself, decking out our house in pastel-colored everything and trimming a tiny tree with colorful itty-bitty eggs. And, like most people who celebrate Easter, I grew up hunting plastic eggs stuffed with candy and dyeing hard-boiled ones in every color imaginable. (Pro tip: I've seen OxiClean work some serious magic on a little white dress after a blue dye job went horribly wrong.)

But despite my self-proclaimed proficiency in Easter-egg-dyeing, I was recently schooled on how to make dyed eggs look even better by the folks over at Redfin.

I've long assumed that the best-looking Easter eggs—the ones with the most saturated hues—were the product of some special kind of dye that nobody had ever bothered to tell me about.

It turns out, though, that nobody was keeping me in the dark … at least about the dye, anyway.

The trick to a perfectly dyed egg in a saturated, no-shell-peeking-through hue? It's all about the color of your eggs.

This year, when you head to the grocery to buy eggs to decorate, reach for brown eggs instead of white ones.

Unlike white eggs, which tend to produce a pretty, but more washed-out look, brown eggs offer a deeper base that automatically enhances the dye color for more vibrant Easter eggs. Winning!

There is one downside to this egg-dyeing trick, though: Brown eggs are more expensive than their white-shelled counterparts, so plan to pony up a little extra cash if you decide to go the razzle-dazzle Easter egg route this year.

Of course, if you prefer the more muted look to the more intense colors of dyed brown eggs, you can always stick to dyeing plain white eggs. Those always look pretty on an Easter table, too.

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What are your favorite egg-dyeing tips and tricks? Share them with us in the comments below.

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