Opt for white craft eggs so you can use these beauties year after year.

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Blue and White Chinoiserie Easter Eggs

You can never go wrong with blue and white and, this year, we're proving it yet again with these DIY blue and white chinoiserie Easter eggs. It's an unbelievably easy DIY project that only uses a few supplies, thanks to a smart use of chinoiserie paper napkins. These handmade eggs will look gorgeous in a bowl, pretty on a platter, or used as a place card for your Easter dinner. Here's how to make blue and white paper napkin Easter eggs, in just three steps.

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Credit: Melissa Fenlon


Blue and White Chinoiserie Eggs
Credit: Melissa Fenlon

Step 1

Start by cutting out floral shapes from your paper napkins. Separate the two-ply napkins and just use the top layer for this project.

Blue and White Chinoiserie Eggs Mod Podge
Credit: Melissa Fenlon

Step 2

Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the section of egg you are starting with. We like having space between the floral napkin cut outs, rather than wrapping the egg with one big piece of the napkin.

Blue and White Chinoiserie Eggs
Credit: Melissa Fenlon

Step 3

Place the cut out napkin piece on the Mod Podge and smooth out with your finger. Then brush on a thin layer of Mod Podge. Repeat these steps until your egg is covered with your pattern. Let dry.