Want to step outside the egg-decorating box this Easter season? No surprise here, but we've been planning our Easter crafting for months and can't wait to dye, swirl, and decorate our way to eye-catching Easter eggs this year. These blue-and-white speckled eggs and these Kool-Aid-dyed eggs are already in our DIY plans—but that's not all. Thanks to Woman's Day and Delish, we've also discovered a brilliant new technique for dyeing eggs with a gorgeous marbled finish. Best of all, this method includes an ingredient as unexpected as it is fun to work with.

Woman's Day and Delish have shared this fantastically fun trick for dyeing Easter eggs, and we just can't wait to try it this year. It's a how-to for Cool Whip Easter Eggs, which couldn't be simpler to DIY in your own kitchen this season. All you need for this dyeing method—and you probably have it all on hand already—is hard-boiled eggs, white vinegar, your choice of whipped topping, and food coloring. This low-cost DIY activity takes less than an hour to complete. Be sure to wear gloves to avoid staining your fingers with food coloring, and cover your workspace with newspaper or a washable drop cloth.

Why whipped topping? How does it work? The whipped topping acts as a vehicle for the dye, which you marble using a toothpick, and in which you roll and coat the eggs. The vinegar also helps the dye to transfer and soak into the eggs. The effect is a lovely, muted, marbled effect that will look so gorgeous gathered in Easter baskets and hiding in tall green grasses this holiday.

You can find the full recipe and how-to video at Delish or at Woman's Day.

WATCH: Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Will you be trying out this fun whipped cream marbling technique with your Easter eggs this year? Let us know!