Why This Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole Will Be On Our Easter Table

It's a Southern classic for a reason.

Cheesy Potato Casserole. Hash Brown Bake. Funeral Potatoes. There are many names for this ultra rich, ultra creamy potato casserole but whatever you call it, it belongs on your Easter table. Or any get-together—holiday or non-holiday—for that matter.

Typically made with frozen, pre-shredded hash browns, lots of cheese, a cream-based sauce or canned condensed soup, and topped with a crunchy crust (some recipes call for corn flakes, others use breadcrumbs), it's one of the most indulgent side dishes around. And it's much easier to toss together than scalloped potatoes, that other Easter favorite.

For those of you who are never content to follow a recipe to the letter, you can jazz this casserole up with bacon, or fresh herbs, hot sauce, a little garlic—just about any savory ingredient would be right at home.

It's a perennial Easter favorite because it pairs so well with the traditional Southern Easter menu: glazed ham, carrot salad, pineapple casserole, asparagus, Deviled eggs, yeast rolls, and all of the other usual dishes. It also tastes great with lamb, if that's your protein of choice.

If there are picky kids at the table (and you know there will be), they may hide their asparagus in their napkins, but they will never turn down a helping of Hash Brown Casserole. It can even serve as a vegetarian main dish if you're in a pinch.

Hash Brown Casserole also works just as well if you're serving Easter brunch. Serve it alongside an egg-and-sausage casserole, a big bowl of fruit salad, and orange rolls for an easygoing menu that everyone will love.

Heck, this casserole is so comforting, delicious, it's worth planning a whole meal around it. Just make sure you invite a bunch of people because it feeds a crowd. Or you should expect to have lots of leftovers—which is certainly not the worst problem to have.

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