Yes, you can eat it afterward.
The Asparagus Arrangement
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Our resident flower expert spun spring's most beautiful flowers and produce into a show-stopping arrangement that you might find is easier than it looks.

Here's What You'll Need
Tube vase or jar
Shallow dish
Bundle of asparagus
Assorted spring flowers
Two rubber bands

Cut asparagus so the tips are just an inch above the rim of the vase. Add two rubber bands around the jar, spacing them about two inches apart (adjust according to the size of your container).

Start placing the asparagus one at a time under the rubber bands. They should be spaced very close together, completely covering the glass. Continue adding the asparagus until you've made your way all the way around the vessel.

You have two options for arranging the flowers: use floral foam for more sturdy positioning or add your flowers directly to the vase for an organic, natural look. If you're using floral foam you'll want to add it to your vase, pour in water, and start arranging. Otherwise, the actual arranging process is the same.

We started our arrangement with a pretty purple kale stalk, which serves as the focal point. Fluff out the leaves to give it more volume. Next, we added parrot tulips with a beautiful feathered edge. Roses, snapdragons, lisianthus, and delicate sticks from your yard are all fair game. Keep flower varieties grouped together with taller stems placed throughout in order to distribute the height.

Spin your arrangement around as you place flowers to ensure it looks good from all sides. Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, place it in a shallow dish of water. This will keep your asparagus fresh so you can eat them after—no wasting here! We also recommend spritzing the stems with water twice a day.

To finish, cover the rubber bands with simple, gauzy ribbon.

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Use this arrangement on your dining room table or even as a focal point (and great conversation starter) on your coffee table. Just be sure to place it in a location that gets a lot of traffic—you're going to want to show this one off.