Think beyond the big box stores for your holiday decorating this year with creative vintage displays.

Blue Christmas Christmas Tree Decorations
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Sparkly Ornaments

Today's new Christmas ornaments do not have the luster of vintage glass ornaments. Although they are fragile, they have a sparkle that can become the star of your tree. If you do not want to risk putting them on your tree, arrange groupings of them in big glass bowls for tables or in tall hurricanes for the mantel. You can also nestle them into basic wreaths and garlands for an extra festive touch. If you are looking to start a vintage Christmas ornament collection, start with a simple search on eBay for "Christmas ornament lot."

Vintage Tree Toppers

These may seem a little bit kitsch, but a homespun looking angel or star is just the thing to top off the perfect family-friendly Christmas tree. If you have a more modern style, then look for spiky "spires" to crown your tree that look like they were borrowed from the set of Mad Men.


There's the tried and true assemblage of nutcrackers on the mantelpiece, but for something a little outside the box—consider using your nutcrackers as Christmas ornaments this year. Don't worry; you won't have to harm them with a hook. Simply, tie them to the tree branch with fishing wire. Voila!