The Royal Family Is Obsessed With These Cinnamon Stars Christmas Cookies

Add these to your cookie swap list this year!

Time for Christmas cookies
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Even the Royals love Christmas cookies. And while you may picture them indulging in uber-fancy gold-flake-covered treats, one of their favorite holiday cookies is actually a reasonably understated star-shaped cinnamon cookie.

"The Royal pastry chefs are excited to share their recipe for 'Cinnamon Stars' with you to enjoy over Christmas," the official British Royal family Instagram account posted alongside a video of chefs whipping up a batch of the delectable star-and-moon-shaped dessert.

How To Make These Cookies

The cookies come together with a handful of ingredients like lemon juice, egg whites, ground almonds, and plenty of cinnamon. They may be fit for a Royal crowd. Still, these cookies only use straightforward baking techniques like making a meringue and kneading dough that virtually any baker can handle, regardless of experience.

When decorating, feel free to use various shaped cookie cutters and get creative with your icing colors and designs.

Are you planning to gift these cookies at a holiday party or save them for later? The cookies will stay fresh in an airtight container for up to two months. You can get the full recipe from the Royal pastry chefs.

Fans of the Royal family were thrilled to have the recipe for themselves, with responses ranging from, "These are scrumptious! Thank you for the recipe! We are baking these today!" to "gluten-free at the palace!"

We don't know about you, but we're absolutely bringing these Cinnamon Stars to our upcoming holiday cookie swap. Share with us: What's your favorite Christmas cookie recipe of all time?

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