How about a big batch of Red-Nosed Rum Punch, Jingle Juice, or Santa-gria?

Holiday Drink Names

While anyone can throw out a platter of grape jelly meatballs and Christmas tree-shaped pull-apart bread, there are a select few special touches that can help you throw a truly spectacular holiday celebration. Beyond a spread of delicious (and grabbable) food and a merry playlist, a signature house drink is more than befitting of the season. Choose a holiday cocktail, set up the bar cart or pull out the punch bowl, and seal it all with a notecard that gives your house drink a fun holiday name. And luckily, we have plenty of ideas to get you started.

For an unstuffy party that doesn't take itself too seriously, we think a little play-on-words is the ultimate festive touch to a hopefully well-stocked beverage station. After all, what could get party-goers more in the spirit than a fresh "Santa-gria" or "Red-Nosed Rum Punch?" To back up these signature drink names, we've got the appropriate recipes to pair with each one. Or just grab a name, and create your own cocktail! There are no rigid rules when it comes to a holiday bash.

Check out our favorite holiday drink names and cocktail recipes below.

1. MerryMosa

Holiday Drink Names

Recipe: Christmas Mimosa
Punch up Christmas brunch with a pomegranate-infused champagne sipper.

2. Ho Ho Ho-t Toddy

Recipe: Hot Toddy
This warming Southern standby is a must in winter.

3. Red-Nosed Rum Punch

Recipe: Thanksgiving Punch
Try one of our favorite spiced retro rum punches for this one (but make it Christmas), and garnish with cherries as cute as Rudolf's nose.

4. Jingle Juice

Recipe: Spicy Bourbon-Citrus Punch
This name is fitting for almost any of your favorite cocktails, so feel free to get creative. It's hard to beat this big-batch punch bowl recipe, though.

5. Santa-gria

Recipe: Fall Sangria
Sangria is a reliable crowd-pleaser, and this fall-favorite red wine sangria recipe is just as perfect for the holidays. Take the garnishes over-the-top to feel extra festive.

6. Rudoph's Tipsy Spritzer

Recipe: Aperol-Bourbon Fizz
An easy spritzer keeps it classic, and you can choose any combination of liquor, bubbles, and fruit. (See our handy guide for creating a Southern spritzer out of anything on your bar cart.) If you want a non-alcoholic option, just leave out the booze and add more juice or soft drink.

7. White Christmas

Holiday Drink Names
Credit: Antonis Achilleos; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke

Recipe: Triple B Milk Punch
You could use any recipe of your choice, but why not try an old-fashioned milk punch? The creamy, snowy concoction is a crowd-favorite.

8. Mint Joyeux Noel

Recipe: Best Mint Julep
We can't create a cocktail list without including a traditional mint julep—any time of year! Throw a holiday namesake on it, and your Kentucky Derby dreams can happen in December.

9. Bloody Merry and Bright

Recipe: Big-Batch Bloody Marys
Would it be Christmas brunch without Bloody Marys? Eliminate any stress about refills with this big-batch recipe.

10. Gin and Tidings

Recipe: French 75
A gin and tonic is almost too easy to fix, and it feels appropriate for the holiday season. If wanting to use gin in a different way, try our French 75.

11. Mrs. Claus's Cosmo

Recipe: Cranberry Moscow Mule
We think Mrs. Claus deserves a break—and a drink. Really, any cranberry cocktail will work here, so try our holiday Moscow Mule or even a Cranberry Margarita.

12. Gettin' Blitzen

Recipe: Mississippi Bourbon Punch
Say hello to another catch-all name that you can slap on any party punch. Maybe Blitzen would enjoy this Mississippi sipper that stars muscadine wine?

13. Naughty or Spice

Holiday Drink Names
Credit: Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall; Prop Styling: Audrey Davis

Recipe: Williams Family Wassail
An old-fashioned Wassail is perfect for such a mischievous name. This warm recipe is loaded with flavorful winter spices, apple cider, and vodka.

Now, you're set with enough cocktail names to see you through many holiday seasons to come. Merry sipping!