The Department of Christmas Affairs has been hard at work compiling data for this year’s list. 

We all know Santa gets by with a little help from his elves, but you may not know that the big man actually has an entire government agency backing his once-a-year duties. Yes, The North Pole's Department of Christmas Affairs is the thankless organization behind much of our Christmas joy.   

Their list of responsibilities includes gift manufacturing and coordination; reindeer transport security; gift distribution management; Christmas eve assistance; and naughty behavior processing, enforcement, and rehabilitation. The very official team certainly has a lot on their plate, and that's without mentioning their most important task, compiling the yearly Naughty and Nice List. 

Santa's List
Credit: Getty Images / Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

This year's official list dropped on Dec. 1. The 500-page document features thousands upon thousands of names, followed by the ruling on whether each has been naughty or nice. The agency uses the Global Tracking Behavior Network and data mining technology to determine the standings, so you know it's accurate. However, if you suspect a mistake, the agency encourages you to submit a request for a naughty status review. 

Can't find your name on the list? Well first, make like Santa and check it twice. If it's still missing, simply submit your name, then give it a couple of days. The department's working overtime to add names on a weekly basis. 

Just make sure you get all your requests in before Christmas because Santa Claus is coming to town sooner than you may realize!